FleetOwner Top 5 Stories of the Week - Jan 20th, 2024
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January 20, 2024
From the post-deregulation explosion of carriers to the demand-destroying Great Recession and the COVID-19 slowdown, Richard Durst has seen it all during his long trucking career. The names and places change, as do the underlying social dynamics, but the structure remains the same, just as it does in...
FTR, Truckstop, and ACT Research highlight spot rates and market outlooks for the new year.
With shop costs rising, some fleets are finding new ways to offset inflation and increasing labor expenses: tire programs, oil changes, and more.
Experts weigh in on what 2024 may hold for truck parking after last year’s raised awareness.
After a rough start last year, 2024 likely will be more of a “transition to better days” than a full-blown trucking rebound, Stifel analysts suggest.