FleetOwner Top 5 Stories of the Week - Feb 3rd, 2024
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February 3, 2024
The first company to successfully scale up terminal tractor electrification opened a new manufacturing facility and office headquarters in Kansas. Yard trucks are proving to be the most electrifiable heavy-duty trucking application.
Leaders in commercial transportation want to educate policymakers and advocate for decarbonization.
The fleet acquisition will boost Ryder’s operating network with 200 more locations, nearly 3,000 more vehicles, and 3,400 drivers. Cardinal, a FO500 Top 50 fleet, offers customized dedicated transportation and last-mile services.
New investments from the DOT aim to improve truck parking in Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania, California, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin.
Don’t let your equipment and loads get held hostage by predatory towing companies. Learn ways to spot unscrupulous towing practices before it threatens your business.