FleetOwner Top 5 Stories of the Week - Feb 17th, 2024
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February 17, 2024
The 2024 FleetOwner 500: For-Hire features 55 new trucking companies and five new Top 100 entries. Major fleet closures, mergers, acquisitions, and spinoffs shake up the annual look at the significant operations hauling freight across the U.S.
Closures, mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and more reflect the up-and-down nature of trucking in 2023 and draw up a new look to the 2024 FleetOwner 500.
DUBLIN, Virginia—VTNA’s first fully redesigned Class 8 truck in a generation promises improved fuel efficiency, safety, and driver productivity. The potential fuel savings are just the beginning as the OEM projects how the new VNL can reduce operating costs and attract the next generation of drivers...
The U.S. Energy Information Administration saw a larger rise in on-highway diesel prices than in weeks past, with the national average reaching $4.109 per gallon. Gas prices rose as well, with a national average of $3.192.
California and Washington still want special HOS rules that could hamper supply chains.