Heavy Duty Pickup & Van - Feb 22nd, 2024
New recalls issued
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February 22, 2024
Fleets can utilize route optimization, which mathematically weighs business priorities when routing, considering continuity of care, timelines, and distance traveled.
Suddath was a key Atlas Agent and stockholder partner from 1950 to 1981. Suddath’s return to the Atlas Agent family was a logical decision for both organizations given their symmetry and shared goals.
The latest recalls from the NHTSA include incorrectly assembled steering gear, improperly secured grounding connections, missing welds, etc.
ZF is scaling production of its versatile 8-speed PowerLine transmission for Class 5-8 vehicles in South Carolina. The PowerLine is also designed for use in hybrid vehicle concepts.
NHTSA’s latest safety notices feature improperly assembled steering gear, unlatched tailgates, electronic stability control errors, and more.