Emissions & Efficiency - Apr 3rd, 2024
Diesel prices dip
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April 3, 2024
The new Phase 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions wants 25%-40% of new heavy-duty trucks to be zero-emission by 2032 and even more medium-duty vehicles. Trucking industry groups are calling the rules unrealistic and too narrowly focused on batteries and hydrogen.
By forcing the market to match regulators' lofty wishes, trucking's decarbonization journey could slow. Look at all the trucking operations still hanging on to those pre-2010 engines.
The new National Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy is garnering different reactions from the trucking industry.
Diesel prices fell under $4 for the first time since the start of February by less than a cent. Meanwhile, the national gas average broke its streak of consistent increases, a trend that was mirrored in some regions across the nation.
The collaboration will increase supply chain resilience and last-mile efficiency, which will decrease costs and improve sustainability.
The all-electric Class 4 and 5 trucks are joining a diverse range of fleet customer operations, highlighting Daimler Truck’s focus on sustainable transport solutions.

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Independent testing confirms that FlowBelow’s new AeroFender saved 1.49 gallons of fuel for every 1,000 miles driven, or 187 gallons over the course of 125,000 miles.
Former CEO Steve Burns last year acquired most of the assets that would have built the all-electric Endurance truck.
Greenlane’s initial corridor sites will be located on Interstate 15 in Colton, Barstow, and Baker, California, with additional sites to connect the corridor to Southern Nevada and San Pedro, California.