Emissions & Efficiency - Apr 10th, 2024
Diesel prices rise
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April 10, 2024
"They don't care what we have to say." The EPA's GHG3 rule puts pressure on OEMs, but it's the fleets and owner-operators that will take the brunt of the blow.
Electric trucks wear out tires faster, which adds to TCO. And with few heavy-duty EVs on the road, data is limited as tire-makers work to perfect rubber.
After a small reprieve, diesel prices across most of the country are back at $4 per gallon, with the national diesel average at $4.061, while the national gasoline average is at $3.591.
Every technology has its pluses and minuses, and natural gas is no different. The renewed interest in natural gas as a fuel makes it vital to understand the best applications and possible drawbacks.
The US Energy Information Administration revised the 2022 global liquid fuels consumption data in its International Energy Statistics, increasing its assessment of global oil consumption that year by nearly 800,000 b/d.
The rule will cut smog-forming volatile organic compounds by over 23,000 tons annually, according to the EPA.

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The standards are expected to save Americans over $14 billion in energy costs, reduce nearly 85 million metric tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to the combined annual emissions of nearly 11 million homes.
The company has also introduced sheep grazing for vegetation control, a comprehensive biodiversity management plan, and the planting of pollinator-friendly native plant species at Horizon Solar
For most, a solar eclipse is a unique day to break out the eye-protection glasses and gaze up at the sky to see something that will only happen a few times in their lifetime, but US utilities and their customers could also be facing a power disruption when that sun suddenly goes away for a few minutes...