FleetOwner Top 5 Stories of the Week - Apr 13th, 2024
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April 13, 2024
"They don't care what we have to say." The EPA's GHG3 rule puts pressure on OEMs, but it's the fleets and owner-operators that will take the brunt of the blow.
Electric trucks wear out tires faster, which adds to TCO. And with few heavy-duty EVs on the road, data is limited as tire-makers work to perfect rubber.
The first total solar eclipse since 2017 will be visible in 13 states on April 8. This astronomical event could affect trucking operations beginning this weekend.
Despite autonomous vehicles in trucking still being developed and tested, we can explore where autonomous trucking development is now and what advantages AV providers and fleets have found so far.
AI's potential is nearly limitless. From virtual assistants to better understanding your business's unique nuances, it could transform modern trucking operations.