Refrigerated Logistic Trends - Apr 12th, 2024
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April 12, 2024
Lineage recently rolled out new Canada cross-border services.
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Advertising Vehicles, a fleet graphics company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, recently donated a vinyl wrap for The Healing Center’s new refrigerated box truck through its nonprofit sponsorship program.

eTRUconnect incorporates a standard configuration connector compatible with OEM refrigerated trailers. The UL Listed safety-interlocked pin-and-sleeve system ensures a safe connection that doesn’t require proprietary connectors.

Star Leasing Company, CTL (Commercial Trailer Leasing), Cooling Concepts, and NETS Leasing (North East Trailer Services)—all portfolio companies of I Squared Capital—plan to rebrand as TEN (Transportation Equipment Network) in a move intended to reflect their combined commitment to “industry-leading...
SpotSee recently launched TempMonitor, a single-use temperature indicator designed for patients who rely on insulin and other medications.
Timestrip recently introduced what it says is the first multiple-use temperature indicator.
The new plant in Mexico will be approximately 1.7 million square feet and focus on the production of heavy-duty conventional vehicles for Volvo and Mack brands.