Hard-working trucks and truckers hit the airwaves

To help celebrate the work that Americans do every day, in many cases with the help of trucks ranging from pickups to heavy-duty tractors, Shell Rotella has kicked off a new advertising campaign. The Hardworking Campaign builds on the company’s Unsung Heroes effort from last year and will feature television advertising currently appearing on the Outdoor Channel. The two spots will also appear on Destination America starting on Feb. 17, 2014.

According to the company, “each installment emphasizes the reality of hard work and determination to get the job done.” The effort is part of Shell Rotella’s initiative to “pay homage to hard work as seen through the eyes of the everyday man/woman.”

“We understand that working hard is a way of life for many and respect the dedication those individuals and their families exert on a daily basis to keep this country moving,” said Chris Guerrero, global brand manager, Shell Rotella. “We try to embody that in all that we do, from the product we provide to the marketing efforts we employ.”

The Unsung series of documentaries feature real stories of “hard-working individuals” and have been viewed over 560,000 times since their November release. Among the people profiled in the series are a snow plow driver faced with a mid-winter blizzard and an ex-firefighter helping a community rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. The stories are of self-starters who work long hours and rely on hard working pickup trucks to run the small businesses of America.

The short-form documentaries are featured at www.youtube.com/rotellaunsung. Below is one of the vdeos.

Now the campaign is hitting the national TV airwaves.

“The Rotella brand has increased its focus on people that use their pickup trucks and equipment for work as well as for recreation,” said Guerrero. “We feel it’s important to reach people in new ways, and the Outdoor Channel and Destination America provide an excellent way to connect to this important audience for us.”

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