“Jackpot” avoids hits to reach safety milestone

When you drive a truck, there is always a little bit of luck involved to avoid incidents. The vehicle’s are large, maneuvering them around turns can be difficult at times, and let’s face it, the general public really has no idea how to drive safely around a large commercial vehicle.

That’s one of the several reasons that the accomplishment of Con-way Freight’s James Sutfin is worth noting.

Sutfin, nicknamed “Jackpot,” certainly has hit one as he recently surpassed 3 million consecutive accident-free miles. A Las Vegas resident, Sutfin is the first of Con-way Freight’s drivers to accomplish the milestone and he’s done it while hauling an estimated 350 million pounds of freight.

Along the way, Sutfin was the first Con-way driver in Nevada to haul triple-trailer combinations, back in 1986. He reached 1 million safe driving miles in October 1995 and crossed the 2 million mile threshold in 2003.

“I’m really proud to hit the 3 million mile mark to show the younger drivers it can be done,” said Sutfin. “When you’re driving over 2,770 miles a week, you have close calls almost every day.  You just have to be constantly aware of what’s around you, and always leave enough space between you and other vehicles so you have time to respond. To have gone this many miles and this many years without an accident really means something to me.”

Sutfin, a Vietnam veteran honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, has driven for Con-way for 28 years. As part of the recognition, he received a certificate from Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval.

“I commend your time with Con-way as a professional truck driver, driving triple trailers, and thank you for your safety and professionalism,” the governor said.

“At Con-way Freight, safety is non-negotiable and is our company’s most important principle,” said Greg Lehmkuhl, president of Con-way Freight. “James Sutfin epitomizes the skill, dedication to safety and professionalism our drivers bring to work every day. We are thrilled to recognize this rare accomplishment.”

Con-way Freight also has seen 204 of its drivers surpass 2 million safe driving miles while 1,639 have achieved 1 million safe driving miles.

According to Con-way Freight, three million miles is the equivalent to traveling 120 times around the world, six round-trips to the moon, or 714,285 trips down the Las Vegas Strip.

And doing it without incident. Clearly an accomplishment worth recognizing.

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