Putting truckers' safety at risk

Putting truckers' safety at risk

Rest areaA small, but growing trend is developing, and it’s not a good one. Virginia has joined New Hampshire in identifying cuts to its rest stops as a way to stem budget losses.

New Hampshire plans to shutter nine rest areas, none of which include truck parking, officials say, while Virginia hopes to shave $12 million from its budget by closing 25 of 41 rest areas, according to Land Line Magazine.

Bad move.

Public cries about truck safety, saying the industry is not doing enough, claiming drivers are skirting hours of service rules – the list goes on and on – will only grow louder if more states start closing rest areas, forcing truckers to either stay on the road – even when they should not be driving – or parking their trucks along the sides of roads and/or in any parking lot available so they can get their required rest. Either way, the safety of the public, and truck drivers, is put at risk.

Is that really the right way to save money?