Reddaway President and CEO T J O39Connor left stands with driver Scott Bunn at a ceremony this week recognizing Bunn for reaching 3 million miles without a preventable accident Photo courtesy Reddaway

Reddaway President and CEO T. J. O'Connor, left, stands with driver Scott Bunn at a ceremony this week recognizing Bunn for reaching 3 million miles without a preventable accident. (Photo courtesy Reddaway)

"Good trucks and never in a hurry" help Reddaway driver top 3 million safe ones

Driver Scott Bunn achieves rare milestone over more than three decades

This is getting to be a trend with the YRC Worldwide trucking companies. Longtime Reddaway driver Scott Bunn was recognized this week for reaching — and surpassing — 3 million miles without a single preventable accident.

Bunn arrives at the Reno terminal in his truck, now decked out with "3 million miler" decals. (Photo courtesy Reddaway; click to enlarge)

He's said to be the first Reddaway driver to reach that lofty milestone. Bunn has served for years training new drivers, according to the company, and recently began training other trainers, too — and "his knowledge of the equipment and safe work practices make him a tremendous asset," stated Todd Bosecker, manager of Reddaway's Reno, NV, terminal where Bunn is based.

Perhaps even more telling than the 3 million mile figure is how long Bunn has been driving safely to reach it. He's been driving trucks since he was 16, and after a stint with several other companies, Reddaway says Bunn came to the Reno terminal in 1983 and has spent his entire career there.

"This is something Scott has achieved for over 30 years," said T. J. O'Connor, president and CEO of Reddaway, in a statement. He also noted that "when it comes to driving, the most important measure of success is safety, and Reddaway driver Scott Bunn has clearly achieved the highest level of success."

Getting there

With more than three decades of big truck safe operation logged, how does Bunn do it? The Reddaway release provides a few clues, including a quip that "Scott Bunn has diesel fuel in his blood." Bunn says his secret is "to always have good trucks underneath me and never get in a hurry — you just take it one mile at a time."

And it's often said that classroom learning is one way to train, but there are those who learn on the job. Bunn points to another advantage of the latter method in the company's release: "Reaching 3 million safe miles is gratifying. It's a goal that's so rarely realized, and it makes you feel good to be recognized for your accomplishments.

"It almost feels like I earned a doctorate degree in driving... but without the student loans," he stated.

Bunn was honored by O'Connor, the Reno Reddaway team, family and friends in an award ceremony this week. He was presented with a plaque, a 3-million miler ring, a special 3-million miler Carhartt jacket "designed for Nevada's cold winters" as well as custom hat and patches, and a certificate of extraordinary achievement. Bunn also got some 3-million miler decals for his truck.  

This is one of the most elite clubs in trucking. At another YRC Worldwide company, Holland, driver Pat Shelton was recognized in October for reaching 3 million safe miles, and spoke with Fleet Owner about avoiding accidents amid the aggressive driving you'll often find on America's roadways



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