Maven unveils research on driver fatigue

Maven Machines announced that it featured in the 10th International Conference on Managing Fatigue. Maven's Director of Research Zackary Knoll presented research from Maven's Smart Bluetooth headset that tracks driver fatigue and distraction and alerts drivers in real-time. Maven noted it also participated in the conference panel discussion, "Driver Fatigue and Alertness Technology Countermeasures."

Maven Machines Driver Fatigue
Maven's Smart Bluetooth headset tracks driver fatigue and distraction and alerts drivers in real-time.

The 2017 fatigue conference brings together transportation officials from government, research institutions, commercial fleets, as well as drivers. Bob Stanton, a professional truck driver with sleep apnea representing Dedicated Sleep services, offered tours of his tractor-trailer to demonstrate how he manages sleep apnea while on the road.

"I rely on technology to manage both sleep and fatigue. The Maven Co-Pilot graphs my alertness and plots my biorhythms to help me better manage fatigue," said Stanton. "As a hearable device, the Maven Co-Pilot provides verbal alerts so I can operate 100% hands and eyes-free," added Mr. Stanton.

According to the company, the Maven Co-Pilot is the first of its kind IoT sensor to detect driver fatigue and ensure driver compliance. Maven Smartsense is a mobile-cloud solution that monitors driver head position in 3D space 50 times per second to determine driver focus and fatigue levels. Maven's Smart Bluetooth headset and mobile app process information to assist drivers with real-time alerts and active coaching.

Maven said its driver safety system recognizes a library of movements including if a driver head-bobs, or the telltale up-and-down distracting glances from interacting or reading a mobile device while driving. Maven also captures and plots expected activities in the app such as a driver's mirror-check rate, and compound events like determining if a driver looked both ways at an intersection.

"Maven Machines is an entirely new data input channel that correlates with high-risk driving behaviors including fatigue and distraction," Knoll said. "Considering the scope and impact of the problem, carriers and fatigue researchers will benefit from Maven data as well as the ease of implementing mobile-wearable-cloud technology into their fleets or field studies.”

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