Omnitracs’ Driver Workflow now available

Omnitracs announced the availability of the Driver Workflow 2.0 application on the Mobile Computing Platform 50 (MCP50).

“Driver Workflow 2.0 features major application suite integration enabling direct access and data sharing to other in-cab applications through a single, centralized driver workspace view, which consolidates all load assignments, trip information, tasks, and forms to significantly improve driver productivity and satisfaction,” Omnitracs said.

The company added that Driver Workflow 2.0 expands on existing application functionality—including automated load assignments, forms processing and dispatch software integration—to further streamline drivers’ in-cab tasks and improve information accuracy. It also offers direct integration to other Omnitracs mobile fleet management applications, such as Hours of Service, Media Manager, In-Cab Scanning, Navigation, and upcoming out-of-cab data capture applications.

“We continuously look for opportunities to improve fleet productivity and enhance the driver experience— Driver Workflow 2.0 does both,” stated Jimmy Fortuna, vice president of product management. “Given the widespread driver shortage in our industry, fleets are increasingly looking for tools to improve overall driver satisfaction with their mobile work environment. Driver Workflow 2.0 streamlines drivers’ duties with an intelligent, centralized work space for all in-cab tasks and forms while automatically updating dispatch on status as activities are completed.”

Driver Workflow 2.0 delivers customized circle of service forms to automate and structure many of the tasks that are standard to a specific route, customer or fleet operation.

“Driver Workflow’s deep integration with other Omnitracs mobile applications eliminates the need to toggle between different screens and enter the redundant information in multiple places,” according to the company. “Deep integration between Omnitracs Enterprise Services and back-office dispatch systems provides a continuous loop of dispatching load assignments, forms and tasks through an easy-to-use, intuitive mobile driver workspace. As a result, drivers are more efficient, data delivered to the back office is more accurate and timely, and overall fleet productivity and communication between dispatch and driver is drastically improved. “ 

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