Ozark deploys Omnitracs Critical Events Video, Reporting

Ozark Motor Lines, a truckload carrier serving the continental United States, has selected Omnitracs Critical Events Video (CEV) with Critical Events Reporting for deployment across its 775-vehicle fleet, providing triggered event video recording for enhanced risk management and driver performance coaching.

“Insurance carriers told us that incorporating a critical events video solution could have a positive impact on our insurance pricing and reduce our liability exposure,” said Tommy Higginbotham, owner of Ozark Motor Lines. “Omnitracs has been a trusted partner for decades and its CEV solution aligned with the critical events that we want to track, making it a natural fit and something that was easy for our drivers to acclimate to.”

Omnitracs CEV is a fully integrated forward and optional driver facing in-vehicle video solution that can be used to improve driver training and mitigate liability risks associated with accidents and other critical events such as hard braking, sudden stops, loss of stability control and improper following distance. The CEV solution captures video that can be remotely reviewed within minutes of a triggering event. Additional DVR functionality allows search of video by time and date to supplement investigations of incidents not related to critical events.

“We are extremely proud that Omnitracs’ CEV is now an essential component of Ozark Motor Lines’ proactive approach to safety and risk management strategy,” said Drew Schimelpfenig with Omnitracs’ Safety Center of Excellence. “By coaching and rewarding good driver behaviors, fleets can ensure a culture of safety and protect the strong reputations they have spent years building.”

CEV fully integrates with Omnitracs Critical Events Reporting (CER). When used in combination, video from front-facing and driver-facing cameras can be matched with critical event factors, along with time, location and vehicle speed for a comprehensive view of the moments before, during and after safety-related events. 

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