PrePass Plus toll payment services expands

Help Inc., a non-profit public/private partnership that provides PrePass weigh station bypass and other truck safety services, announced it is expanding its PrePass Plus service to all fleets.

The PrePass Plus system includes most tolling locations in almost two dozen states and on lanes where hundreds of thousands of trucks travel, according to Help Inc.

"In an industry like trucking where every minute equates to dollars, owner/operators and small fleets can now enjoy consolidated invoices for both bypassing services and tolls, saving them time and money like never before," said Karen Rasmussen, president & CEO.

In addition, Help Inc. said PrePass customers can access their toll transactions 24-hours-a-day, seven days week and as often as needed so that toll costs can be billed to shippers in real-time.

"Perhaps the most exciting feature of PrePass Plus for carriers is that all toll disputes are handled for them by our customer service team," Rasmussen added. "When you are traveling across country or through numerous states and utilizing numerous tolling systems along the way, it's nice to have a team behind you that can handle violations and disputes in all jurisdictions."

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