Route4Me updates route optimization platform

Route4Me recently introduced a new version of its proprietary route optimization engine that the company says dramatically improves the speed of its dynamic route optimization algorithm.

“The platform enhancement creates higher density routes, with more drops and/or pickups per hour, permitting businesses to employ or subcontract routes to fewer drivers,” the company said. “This is absolutely critical when working with a dynamic pool of drivers that is rapidly growing and shrinking as demand fluctuates. Businesses that have a high volume number of orders will see applications that need constant route re-evaluation because of on-demand orders.”

Real-time route re-evaluation is a mission critical capability which incorporates real-world problematic situations into the route planning and route execution lifecycle. According to the company, vehicle failures, customer cancellations, late freight, road closures, weather, and traffic all cause highly optimized routes to become obsolete very quickly. However, Route4Me said its platform capabilities permit companies to overcome these problems with features such as over-the-air route updates, GPS based planned versus actual tracking, route deviation detection, dynamic geofencing, and real-time route sequence re-optimization.

“Optimizing routes using previous-generation software is extremely time consuming, especially because the computations were done on someone's personal computer or using an obsolete server sitting in the office network closet.” says George Shchegolev, co-founder and vice president of operations. “Because our new low latency architecture has multiple points-of-presence around the world, our customers can access the real-time route planning API and integrate it directly into their e-commerce workflow, in conjunction with their proprietary systems, or a TMS and WMS.”

Orders can even be sent to Route4Me using its EDI gateway.

“Processing new orders in real-time and generating optimized routes is absolutely critical for continuous-flow logistics and last-mile/final-mile optimization. Our goal is to dramatically improve today’s same-day economy by lowering our fully-loaded transportation costs for our customers. No other route planning platform in the world can match the dynamic route optimization capabilities now available in our platform,” Shchegolev said.

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