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Telogis launches Logbook

According to Telogis, its new Telogis Logbook app increases the productivity of mobile workforces by electronically logging whether miles they have driven were business oriented or personal. Telogis said its Logbook has been optimized for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and is available in the App Store.

The Logbook is an extension of the Telogis Mobile Enterprise Management (MEM) software platform, and was developed specifically for commercial drivers, mobile sales representatives and supervisors who drive a vehicle for both personal and business use.

“Logbook empowers drivers and field reps to view their recorded miles and classify their completed trips by swiping one way or the other on their mobile devices,” Telogis said. “Full integration with vehicle telematics ensures the most accurate and complete mileage records so organizations can confidently claim tax deductions and gain more insight into their professional fleets.”

Through the platform, supervisors can identify classified miles, assign unclassified trips to individual drivers and generate personal-versus-business mileage summaries within detailed reports.

“Apps for work should be as intuitive, well-designed and easy to use as consumer apps, as well as delivering all of the functionality people need in the field to maximise productivity, efficiency and safety,” said Sergio Barata, general manager, EMEA at Telogis. “With Telogis Logbook, Berg Insight, Fleet Management in Europe, M2M Research Series 2015 and Driscoll & Associates, Mobile Resource Management Report, 2016-2017 companies will get reliable tax information and their staff in turn will get an easy, accurate way to track their miles for personal and business use.”

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