WEX customers can soon fuel at all CST Canada sites

WEX announced it has signed an agreement with CST Canada Co. to accept the WEX Universal Fleet Card at all of its sites in Canada.

According to the company, CST operates close to 800 fuel stations in Canada, from the Maritimes to Ontario. The sites are expected to go live and accept the WEX card in early 2016, the company said.

CST Canada, headquartered in Montreal, includes the cardlock, home heating and motorist sales sectors in Canada. The company said it operates close to 800 stations and 84 cardlocks (Pipeline Commercial), in addition to delivering home heating oil to some 140,000 customers.

“We’re excited about our new relationship with CST and the Ultramar brand they operate in Canada,” said Brian Fournier, vice president, merchant and channel partners at WEX. “This relationship greatly expands our presence in Canada and allows us to better serve our North American customers. We are looking forward to these sites going live in early 2016.”

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