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CarriersEdge hosts driver-training, e-learning webinar

CarriersEdge is hosting a webinar for safety/risk/HR managers who are interested in or considering implementing an e-learning training program. The webinar will be held at 1 p.m. ET on Oct. 10. The hour-long program, which includes the opportunity for audience questions, looks at the “Five ways to build company-wide support for online training.”

“When implementing a new form of driver training, it’s critical to have all of the company’s departments on-board – understanding the processes; what on-line training can achieve; and what role each department plays in the rollout,” said Mark Murrell, vice president of sales and marketing for CarriersEdge. “Getting the company aligned from the ground up is vital, which will help make for a smooth and ultimately successful e-learning program.”

The webinar is broken out into five sections:

Understanding E-Speak – “Executives – CEO/Presidents and CFOs – will have certain questions about implementing an on-line training program,” said Murrell. “We help identify those questions so the person implementing online training can speak to their executive’s concerns to gain their support for the program.”

What Other Managers Need to Know – Murrell said department managers need to understand the value of online driver training, and understand their role in a successful launch. “Otherwise they could view online training as a disruption,” he said. “Managers, such as those in dispatch, need to be involved in the program from the very start and we help the process by working through the questions they’ll ask.”

Getting Drivers Onboard and Excited – This section talks about the main things drivers care about when it comes to training – and how to position e-Learning with drivers. It also looks at things that could potentially cause uncertainty with drivers and how to address those concerns for a smooth rollout.

The Mountain of Implementation – This gives the framework for a basic plan. “Building on the pieces in the previous sections, this pulls implementation all together,” said Murrell.

What Success Looks Like – How do you measure success in the implementation?  “Each group within the company will have their own ideas on expectations and timelines,” said Murrell. “It’s important to set a realistic timeline and we cover how to do that. And, we provide examples of what a successful implementation looks like and the schedule to get there.”

Register for the webinar by emailing [email protected].

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