SmartDrive recognizes drivers with most improved safety scores

SmartDrive Systems recognized the most improved truck drivers across its database of truck drivers from hundreds of companies. This acknowledgment coincides with American Trucking Associations’ National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

SmartDrive noted it leveraged its database to identify drivers who are among the safest on the road, as measured by improvements in their SmartDrive Safety Scores. The Safety Score is an objective measurement of specific driving habits—including speeding, seat belt usage, distracted driving, and others—that increase risk and the likelihood of collisions. For every driver in its database, SmartDrive said it compared the baseline Safety Score from the initial four weeks the system was installed to its Safety Score during a 12-week period in 2017.

The most improved drivers are:

  • Larry Brown, Intermodal Container Logistics
  • Brian Graczyk, Innovative Transportation Services
  • Keith Hetu, Regency Transportation
  • James Hunter, G&P Trucking
  • Roy Moore, Central Oregon Truck Company
  • Daniel Oechsner, Nussbaum Transportation
  • Robert Sisneros, US Transport
  • Gary Snyder, M&W Transportation

“Utilization of SmartDrive has played a vital role in gaining awareness behind the wheel. Having a better understanding of how the camera works has assisted me in catching small driving habits and given me the opportunity to improve on them,” said Robert Sisneros, a driver for US Transport and 18-year veteran behind the wheel. “I’ve had the opportunity for coaching sessions done with my safety director and safety administrator, as well as my terminal manager. During these sessions, I have been allowed the time to ask questions, see video footage of what occurred with a full explanation of how to take corrective action.” 

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