Web tool automates driver file creation, management

Foley launched a new driver file web tool to help fleets automate their hiring and compliance processes. "This new portal will help fleets hire faster and stay compliant by automatically managing many of the paper processes they're responsible for today…including their Driver Qualification Files," Foley CEO Joel Sitak said. "Not only will this help them stay better organized, but it will enhance their productivity and compliance."

The portal includes:

  • Functioning as an employment application for job candidates
  • Automatically initiating the required driver file creation process upon hire by providing Foley with all of the information needed to perform FCRA and FMCSA-compliant background checks, as well as create all other required documents

Once the file is complete, Foley noted it takes over the file management process by tracking document expiration dates, running an annual motor vehicle report for each driver (as well as continuously monitoring each record in real time) and providing alerts and notifications when client action is required. These alerts are delivered via email, and are also available on the portal dashboard, which provides an instant overview of each driver's compliance status.

"This driver file portal is part of a larger background screening and compliance web tool that helps fleets manage all aspects of their hiring and regulatory requirements," Sitak said.

This includes drug and alcohol testing, MVR monitoring and a full suite of pre-employment screening programs. 

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