APU offers 2,000-hour maintenance interval

APU offers 2,000-hour maintenance interval

Thermo King has increased its recommended maintenance interval for its TriPac Evolution auxiliary power unit (APU). Thermo King said the 2,000-hour maintenance interval, increased from 1,500 hours, is available on all new TriPac Evolution models as well as any purchased prior to the extended interval announcement.

“Thermo King extended the maintenance interval based on extensive research which indicates that 2,000 hours provides more than sufficient maintenance to keep the high performance TriPac Evolution APU running optimally,” said Paul Barbaro APU product manager for Thermo King. “The extended maintenance interval will help users meet key objectives including lower ownership costs and increased sustainability.”

The TriPac Evolution meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification for the diesel particulate filter on its 2013 less-than-25 hp. engine as well as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification.

It offers in-cab heating and cooling comfort while reducing emissions.

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