Better Shops part 2

A roundup of new tools, equipment, information sources, and services that will help keep your maintenance operations at peak efficiency

Keeping shops properly equipped can be a time- and money-consuming job, but it’s also critical if you want to maximize technicians’ efficiency and minimize truck downtime.

To help you keep up with the latest developments, Fleet Owner has assembled a roundup of newly introduced tools, A roundup of new tools, equipment,information sources, and services that will help keep your maintenance operations at peak efficiency equipment, support systems, and services aimed at creating better shops for fleets of all types. Whether it’s a simple device for speeding up a common chore or a new generation of advanced diagnostics, you’re bound to find something that’s just right for bringing improvement to your fleet maintenance.

New cordless tool line

Promising the power of a pneumatic in a cordless configuration, Ingersoll Rand offers a line of professional tools utilizing 20-volt lithium-ion batteries.

The IQV20 Series is said to last longer between charges, increasing the time technicians have to work on a single charge. The tool line includes the W7150 ½-in., high-torque Impactool; the W5130 3/8-in. 20V mid-torque Impactool; and the L5110 LED task light.

“We’re being selective about the tools we engineer on this platform,” said Steve Jenson, global portfolio manager of cordless tools, Ingersoll Rand. “We’re creating tools designed specifically for technicians. As a result, we’ve created all the tools a technician needs.”

The W7150 rates best in its class for power-to-size ratio with 1,100 lbs.-ft of torque and 780 lbs.-ft. of reverse torque, the company said. It is 9.4 in. from tip to tail and weighs 6.8 lbs. The tool includes a chemical-resistant, patent-pending metal reinforced housing that gives it maximum durability. The lightweight, ergonomic design helps to reduce operator fatigue.

The W5130 is modeled after the W7150, offering the same performance and durability, with even more versatility and accessibility for tighter work spaces. Measuring 6.6 in. from tip to tail, the W5130 combines its 190 lbs.-ft. of torque and small size to accomplish everything from brake repairs to drivetrain jobs with maximum power. The L5110 light casts 180 lumens and lasts up to 20,000 hours.

Ingersoll Rand has also released a composite Impactool with twin-hammer impact mechanism. The 2350XP ½-in. tool uses a six-vane motor and delivers 690 lbs.-ft. of reverse torque. With a rugged housing and lightweight aluminum hammer case, the tool weighs just 4.1 lbs. without sacrificing durability, Ingersoll Rand said.

The ergonomic design and feather-touch trigger are intended to make the Impactool easier to use, increase comfort, and reduce operator fatigue, added the company. A patented one-hand forward/reverse control and a wide range of power regulator settings are included.

“Ingersoll Rand has more than a century of proven engineering and innovation experience, and technicians rely on our Impactools to finish service jobs and tune-ups quickly and efficiently,” said Nathan Schmid, marketing manager–vehicle services.

Rubber door designed for heavy-duty environments

The Powerhouse Rubber Door from Rytec Doors is designed with heavy-duty construction and high-quality materials for a strong and lasting door enclosure.

Created without wear parts, the door is a self-resetting, high-speed rubber door that utilizes Rytec’s “release & restore” system to withstand damage and self-reset at the push of a button. Its ¼-in.-thick SBR panels provide stability and performance, the company said.

A direct-drive, variable-speed motor provides soft starting and stopping and reduces wear and tear. Patent-pending Ry-Tension side columns create a tight seal along the full height of the door while a bottom loop seal compresses to form a tight seal along the bottom of the door.

The door is operated by the company’s System 4 controller, which enables precise positioning, infinite speed adjustments, and total control of all door functions. A chain hoist for manual operation is included.

Headlamp restoration kit

Automotive International offers a lens restoration kit that is said to restore headlights in about 30 minutes.

The ValuGard Nite Brite system is a three-step process. According to the company, a technician first cleans the lens and then wet sands the surface using 600 grit and then 1,000 grit paper.

Following a cleaning, the U.V. protector spray is applied. The protectant is 60% solid content, making it durable and resistant to both U.V. rays and road debris. The final step is to cure the coating with the special curing lamp.

“Headlight lens damage takes place gradually and is caused by exposure to ultraviolet light and sand and dirt on the road. Often the driver doesn’t notice how much illumination they have lost,” said Tim Brune, the company’s technical director.

Lift Options

Rotary Lift has updated its Mod30 inground lift with two new saddle adapters and other design updates to offer greater vehicle clearance and flexibility, the company said.

“Technicians and fleet maintenance managers love the Mod30’s versatility, productivity, user-friendliness and proven performance,” said Doug Spiller, Rotary Lift heavy-duty product manager. “Through our focus on continuous improvement, Rotary Lift has partnered with key customer fleets around the country to develop new saddle adapters and other design enhancements to make the Mod30 even better.”

The Mod30 uses either two or three hydraulic posts to lift vehicles. A new lower-profile version of Rotary Lift’s patented universal saddle adapter for the front post offers the same reach as the standard saddle while providing greater clearance between the lift and the truck.

For the rear post, the company is now offering a “six-pack” adapter featuring six receptacles that can hold multiple inserts that swivel 360 deg. as well as slide left and right to allow users to lift the vehicle at recommended spots.

Technicians can operate the Mod30 while standing at an upright control console, which also provides lift status, operation and maintenance information, online training guides, and programmable wheelbase settings to save technicians time.

The company’s updated parallelogram wash bay lift package maximizes available bay space and improves product life. A complete line of parallelogram lifts has capacities up to 100,000 lbs. and platform lengths from 26 to 48 ft. long. All are available with the wash bay package option.

“The mechanics of the parallelogram design are ideal for positioning engine compartments beyond the ends of the lift runways to create total access for cleaning the engine and other service areas over the water reclamation pit,” said Spiller. “Parallelograms are also less sensitive than scissor lifts to the unequal loading created by this arrangement.

Our updated parallelogram lifts are also particularly well- suited to the harsh environment of the wash bay. New marine-grade paint and stainless steel feet resist corrosion caused by constant exposure to water, grime and chemicals.”

The wash bay lift includes an Automotive Lift Institute (ALI)-certified, wall-mounted stainless steel control panel that allows the unit to be installed up to 65 ft. from the lift itself.

Finally, the EFX60 in-ground heavy-duty scissor lift can be placed in a concrete trench only 3 ft. deep, according to Rotary Lift. It fills a gap between the company’s two other in-ground models: the lower-cost HD model with traditional piston lifts and the premium Mod30.

Features for the EFX60 include a stand-up control module, low hydraulic fluid requirements, and a wheel-spotting dish for axle positioning.

Lifting capacity is rated at 60,000/90,000 lbs. According to the company, the lift should have an average service life of 25 to 30 years. The model comes with a one-year warranty and is certified to meet ALI safety and performance standards.

Kit designed to neutralize battery acid spills

The Pig battery acid spill kit from New Pig Corp. offers everything needed to safely neutralize, contain and clean up a battery acid spill quickly.

Available in see-thru bins for quick inventory inspections, the kit contains Pig socks, loose absorbents, and wipers formulated specifically for neutralizing and cleaning up battery acid. Personal protection equipment and a full face shield is also included.

The kit features built-in handles for “grab-and-go” spill response. It mounts easily to a wall or can fit onto most shelves.

Hendrickson launches parts search tool

Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems has introduced a new search tool to make finding truck and trailer suspension systems easier. The PLUS (Parts Look Up System) tool is designed for fleet, repair center and distributor use.

This system will recognize truck suspension assembly numbers, trailer suspension model numbers, trailer suspension serial numbers, and display parts or kits available for purchase through local OEM dealers or distributors. A cross reference tool assists in servicing Hendrickson suspensions.

“PLUS provides us a platform to build from as we continue to provide innovative tools to help our valued Hendrickson suspension system users, distributors, and service providers with all of their serviceable parts and cross reference needs,” said David McCleave, director of sales and marketing.

Device separates bonded dual wheels

Over time, dual steel wheels absorb a lot of debris, road salts and other chemicals from the nation’s roadways. The result is oftentimes a rusted and bonded situation. The dual wheel separator from Ken-Tool is designed to eliminate the pounding and prying necessary to separate the duals.

Ideal for use on nearly any dual steel wheel truck, bus or van, the separator slips between the frozen wheels and uses the power of a screw-driven pusher to force them apart, the company said.

The innovative pusher is ball bearing- driven for near-zero turning resistance, and its one-piece design ensures that it won’t fall apart during use. It is heat-treated for long-lasting strength and durability.

Tool components, which have a black oxide or bright nickel-plated finish for rust and corrosion resistance, are laser-etched for easy identification. The forcing screw, pushers and pullers have powerful 11/8 in. diameter x 11 threads for years of reliable service, Ken-Tool said. The dual wheel separator includes two pullers to cover large and small dual wheel applications and comes in an easy-to-store case.

A new tire bar from Ken-Tool is said to offer improved strength over previous models in a lightweight design. The T45AS Super Duty Tubeless Truck Tire Iron combines the 52-in. length of Ken-Tool’s T47A and T47B and the bead- and user-friendly rounded ends found on the T45A, the company said.

The T45AS utilizes a 7/8-in. shaft for strength and durability. The 52-in. length is said to provide up to 40% greater leverage than the T45A and the T45AC (at 37 in.) and T45HD (41 in.). Weighing only 8.25 lbs., the tool is 25% lighter than the T47A or T47B devices of the same length.

Precision-forged heat-treated ends deliver a slip-free grip on the rim and bead, the company pointed out, adding that the tip ends insert easily and prevent the cutting or ripping of the bead or the sidewall.

On the mount end, the curve design will always grab the bead edge. On the demount end, the angled tip easily slips between bead and rim and will not slip when demounting the second bead.

Diagnosing ABS problems

Diagnostic coverage of antilock brake systems (ABS) is now available in the ProLink iQ and Pocket iQ handheld diagnostic devices from Nexiq Technologies. With the introduction of the ABS Suite, the ProLink iQ is now a full-service brake scan tool, providing connectivity to tractors and trailers utilizing the SAE J1587 protocol.

The complete ABS kit comes with a J560 PLC seven-way adapter (also available separately) that allows direct connection to a trailer without the tractor. With access to an array of tests, techs can quickly obtain a diagnosis of brake systems.

The ABS Suite coverage includes Bendix, Meritor Wabco Air and Hydraulic, Wabash National MBS-1P and MBS2, Eaton GEN4 and GEN5, Haldex PLC, Haldex PLC Plus, and Haldex PLC Select.

The Trailer ABS Suite includes Wabash National MBS-1P and MBS2, Eaton GEN4 and GEN5, Haldex PLC, Haldex PLC Plus, and Haldex PLC Select.

Nexiq Technologies has upgraded two of its software applications that run on its Pro-Link iQ diagnostic scan tool. The Navistar MaxxForce application will provide the ability for customers to change parameters and diagnostic capabilities for MaxxForce electronic engine systems in vehicles from 2007 to 2012, including Big Bore engines. The release will cover MaxxForce DT/9/10 (2007-2012), MaxxForce 11/13 (2008-2012), MaxxForce 15 (2011-2012), MaxxForce 7 (2007-2012), and MaxxForce 5 (2007-2009).

Nexiq also released the Allison Transmission Suite, which provides diagnostic coverage for Allison GEN IV (1K/2K and 3K/4K) transmissions. Coverage also includes Allison 1K/2K, Allison World Transmission Electronic Control systems (3K/4K), and Allison Commercial Electronic Control systems (both on highway and off highway).

Gloves offer added protection

Glove and work gear supplier Galeton has introduced the maX HD gloves, which feature neoprene and rubber protection points at the knuckle and palm for extra protection and lower risk of impact injuries. Spandex finger crotches provide ease of movement and ventilation. The durable gloves also feature a neoprene cuff, synthetic leather palms, a terry brow-wipe, and adjustable cinch strap wrist.

Managing reefer maintenance

A programming tool from Thermo King is designed to help technicians improve diagnostic speed and accuracy when servicing the Thermo King Precedent transport refrigeration unit.

ThermoServ includes an updated user interface that is easier to navigate and offers an intuitive design for quick and easy learning, the company said. A direct connection to the refrigeration unit provides faster speeds than series connections and uses standard USB cables.

ThermoServ combines both the function of the Wintrac reporting-based utility program for data loggers and Thermo King OptiSet+, an automatic temperature profile configuration utility, in a single tool for simplicity and consistency.

According to Thermo King, enhanced data analysis capabilities allow users to easily refine data by type, quickly search for specific error code or conditions, and customize graphs to show exact time periods or conditions. Integrated help files eliminate the need for a paper manual.

Next-generation battery status device introduced

Phillips Industries has unveiled the next generation of its V-Check battery status indicator. The device provides an immediate signal of available battery power.

The V-Check II digitally monitors the state of power for any battery, particularly liftgate batteries, to ensure all work can be performed, Phillips said. If a signal of less than optimum power is shown, the battery can be charged before a situation occurs where battery power is required but not available.

The V-Check II features a large display surface for the digital readout of the battery state of charge. Both the voltage measurement and percentage of battery life remaining appear every 15 seconds. The Go/No-Go LED light feature instantly shows if the battery is ready to complete the day’s work. Green indicates available power of 12.6V to greater than 15V; yellow indicates power between 12.4V and 12.5V; and red indicates power below 12.3V.

Heaters brochure published

The Racor Div. of Parker Hannifin Corp. has published a brochure on heaters for fuel and coolant applications. According to the company, all diesel fuels (other than #1 diesel) contain dissolved waxes. At cold temperatures wax crystallizes, leading to fuel gelling and filter plugging. These changes greatly reduce fuel flow, adversely affecting the operability of vehicles. It is necessary to utilize an efficient fuel heating system for all cold weather applications. The brochure details a number of heater types to combat this.

Identifying cost savings associated with oil changes

Luber-finer has launched a new website designed to help fleet managers identify maintenance cost reductions. The oil filter time release technology (TRT) value calculator mobile website has been designed to help better understand current maintenance costs associated with oil changes.

In addition, the calculator can help managers determine their potential fleet savings by effectively using TRT filtration products in the Luber-finer product line. The Luber-finer line of heavy-duty TRT oil filters is said to provide users with an oil management system that has been specifically engineered to help reduce escalating fleet-maintenance costs. The filters also help heavy-duty fleets extend oil-change intervals by increasing the protection against oil degradation in modern diesel engines, the company said.

“Today, more than ever, fleet managers are looking at different options that can lower maintenance costs and improve uptime of their fleet,” said Layne Gobrogge, director of heavy-duty marketing and product development for the Luber-finer division of Fram Filtration. “This new mobile app is designed specifically to help fleet managers get the valuable information they need to help reduce maintenance costs associated with oil-change intervals and extend the oil’s useful life.”


Adjustable mounting pole for more lighting options

The TPM-12 telescoping light pole from Larson Electronics is an industrial-grade product designed to make the positioning of shop lighting convenient. Designed for permanent attachment to walls, supports and flat surfaces, the adjustable light pole provides a highly convenient method of mounting lighting, speakers, and similar devices, and elevating them up to 12 ft. in height.

The TPM-12 high-strength mounting pole is equipped with a heavy-gauge predrilled mounting plate that allows users to easily and securely mount the pole to any suitable flat surface. A T-handle locking bolt secures the pole into the mounting plate and allows users to simply loosen the bolt and remove the pole if desired.

Once installed, the pole can be extended from its collapsed height of 3 ft. to 12 ft. above the mounting base position, allowing operators to utilize the mast as a portable light tower.

A predrilled aluminum mounting plate is located on the end of the pole and allows operators to attach any of the company’s line of high performance lights as well as a wide variety of other devices and equipment.

If the locks are released, a built-in braking system prevents the pole from uncontrolled or sudden collapse by providing a slow and controlled descent.

“More often than not, customers are looking for ways to temporarily elevate their lighting for task-oriented applications,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics. com. “By providing a base that can be mounted to a vertical surface, operators can drop the light pole into the base, elevate the light, and conduct their work.

“Once the task is complete, they can collapse the light pole, remove it from the light base, and store it safely,” he continued. “The TPM-12 adjustable light pole is designed with a pneumatic brake, so the light at the top doesn’t come crashing down when they release the locks, keeping the operator and the lights safe.”

Grote publishes lighting systems catalog

Grote Industries’ new 244-page lighting systems catalog includes information not always found in conventional parts listing materials.

“We know that to stay current, a printed catalog needs to be produced to harmonize with and link to information found on websites and other media platforms,” said Tom Draper, marketing manager. “We feel it’s important to provide solutions that go beyond specific products in order to help distributors and fleets realize productivity and profitability solutions that go beyond hardware solutions.”

The catalog includes product lines listed in a “family format” rather than as individual listings. It also retains much of the material and format of its previous versions but adds QR codes and basic information about Grote.

Counter for fast-moving items

Lista International’s modular “issue counter” maximizes usable storage and workspace and is designed for quick-moving items within a maintenance shop or repair operation.

The counter is configured with Lista’s modular, high-density drawer storage cabinets and shelf cabinets, and can be paired with butcher block, steel or plastic laminate countertops. The cabinets provide clean, safe storage for a diverse array of different sized and shaped items such as hardware, tools and repair parts while allowing easy and fast retrieval, the company said. There is ample space on top for computer workstations, reference materials, and parts.

When the drawers are closed, the handles are flush with the cabinet housing so nothing protrudes to snag clothing. Drawers feature either a 440- or 165-lb. load capacity (depending on drawer size), are available in six different full sidewall heights for maximum cubic storage capacity, and have 100% full extension.

Drawer dividers have angled tops that can accommodate labels and most bar codes for accurate identification of compartment contents. Each drawer can be subdivided with a wide variety of drawer accessories to create organized, customized compartments.

Coloring a safer environment

To help keep work environments safe and bright, PlastiKote offers its reformulated premium fluorescent line of aerosol paints. The paints come with PlastiKote’s “twist and spray” technology, which features a twist and lock cap to make spray painting easier.

The paints come in stop light red (FL-6), go green (FL-7), pink (FL-8), caution orange (FL-9), and yellow (FL-10). They are available for safety markings, warning signs and other high-visibility applications, the company said.

“PlastiKote premium fluorescent paints are ideal for any job that calls for intense and brilliant colors,” said Katie Whiting, product manager-aerosols for Valspar. “With our new ‘twist and spray’ technology now available on these improved aerosols, these paints are even easier and quicker to apply, giving users the perfect finish every time.”

The reflective colors help ensure instant visibility and maximum safety, the company said. In addition, they can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces as well as on a wide range of materials.

The large finger pad on the aerosol cans require 33% less finger pressure to use than competitive cans, the company said, and the patented spray top shields fingers from paint.

Maintenance tools for cleaning electrical connections

Cleaning the most common electrical connectors and connections is easier, thanks to a new terminal maintenance set from IPA Tools. The HD fleet tech’s terminal maintenance set contains the tools necessary to clean and maintain connections and connectors used in applications that include Deutsch, Cannon, 7 round pin trailer harnesses, weather packs, bullet connectors, and common ABS sensor and power connectors.

The set includes two sizes of flat male and female terminal cleaners, two gold 7 round pin socket harness cleaners, a black ABS sensor/power connector cleaner, 10 super hard round diamond coated micro files, trailer light bullet connector cleaner, and DeoxIT contact chemical cleaner. It comes packaged in a custom leather-type holster.

Diagnostic tool charging station

Snap-on Diagnostics has released a new docking station that can keep its popular diagnostics tool charged at all times. The Verus Pro docking and charging station allows technicians to leave their Verus Pro diagnostic tool on the work bench where it can charge for the next use.

“The new Verus Pro docking and charging station is designed for simple drop-in docking, making for fast grab-and-go portability,” said Mark Schaefer, director of marketing, Snap-on Diagnostics.

With a 15-pin video connector, technicians can hook up to their external big-screen monitor to display Verus Pro results, the company said. A built-in USB hub connects up to four devices, and the multi-position stand allows easy storage in a tool storage drawer.

Next Step troubleshooting

Noregon Systems has renamed its products and added critical updates to its JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics solution.

The new naming convention will reflect the year of release and years of coverage. The JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics 2013 v1, which is the latest update, is available to current JPRO license holders with an active support agreement.

The JPRO 2013 v1 includes expanded coverage for Haldex ABS, enhanced graphical gauges on the key data points and data monitor screens, new wizard for easy initial setup of JPRO Fleet Diagnostics, and links to contact Noregon support or sales from within the application.

It also includes the new Next Step service information module. Customers can combine the comprehensive diagnostic power of JPRO with direct navigation to service information. Those who purchase a JPRO Next Step subscription can launch repair information from within JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics with the click of a button, the company said.

JPRO Next Step automatically ties diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) to repair information. Once a DTC is found, technicians click on the Next Step logo (located on the JPRO launch bar within the home screen) and a new window opens containing service information associated with the specific DTC. The information displayed in this step includes Mitchell 1’s troubleshooting data, which covers most heavy-duty diesel engines and OEM troubleshooting guides for Eaton Fuller transmissions, Meritor Wabco, Bendix and Haldex.

“Customers [can] combine JPRO’s thousands of OEM diagnostic trouble codes and detailed descriptions with comprehensive DTC-based OEM service information ...[to allow] technicians to move from diagnosis to repair in less than a minute, shortening the elapsed time between initial trouble detection and a fully repaired vehicle,” said Greg Reimmuth, vice president of sales and marketing for JPRO Commercial Fleet Products.

Trailer tester, diagnostic tool

Testing the primary components of any trailer’s operating systems (lights, brakes, ABS) is easier than ever with a new product from Lite-Check. The Verifier 1010 not only conducts a Dept. of Transportation trailer test of the operating systems, it also records system data and saves it to a file.

A menu listing the physical DOT inspection items directs the operator to input notes on the touchscreen. The trailer file will be downloaded to a memory device for transmitting to the office server for processing.

The process provides a “verifiable” file recording the trailer VIN, operator, location, time/date, along with the trailer information required. This process eliminates errors and provides a valuable database for trailer fleet management, the company said.

The Verifier 1010 can be used as a maintenance tool as well. If trailer repairs are required, it can serve as a diagnostics device to troubleshoot and retest for a final report. The product requires 12V DC power and 120 psi air to operate.

Tool safely removes wheels

Kiene now offers an “extender” adapter for its K-1350 wheel grabber. The extender allows a technician to safely remove wheels from vehicles on a floor lift.

The Kiene wheel grabber is used for removing seized wheels from heavy-duty tractors, trailers and buses, as well as Ford super-duty applications. It allows a technician to quickly and safely remove the most stubborn seized wheels. With the “extender” in place, the vehicle does not have to be taken off the lift to remove a seized wheel.

In addition to the new extension, Kiene is developing a wheel grabber adapter that will remove seized brake drums.

Dana launches iPad app

Dana Holding Corp. has released its first iPad application for aftermarket customers. The free app provides product and service information and is available for download from the iTunes App Store by searching “Spicer for iPad.”

According to Dana, the app features calculators, a literature library and an easy-to-use graphic interface. A driveline angle calculator helps determine the appropriate driveline angle in order to ensure performance, safety, and proper driveline functionality.

Aluminum, portable welding systems

Miller Electric Mfg. offers versatile products for welding aluminum. The Millermatic 350P aluminum MIG welder is a dedicated aluminum welding power source with a true torque push-pull design, electronic wire spool brake, trigger schedule select, and synergic capabilities in both MIG and pulsed MIG settings.

Its design gives the operator the ability to tailor the arc to the weld by adjusting machine performance at the point-of-use, eliminating trips back and forth to the machine and concerns over wire feed consistency.

The torque motor and electronic brake work together to provide hours of continuous and productive wire delivery, the company said. The push-pull feed motor provides positive and accurate wire feeding between the torque motor and gun, and the electronic brake allows the wire to “free spool” to provide drag-free wire delivery.

The Millermatic 350P welding system gives the operator “one knob” control in both pulsed MIG and MIG Fifth wheel tow attachment operation. The synergic connection means the Millermatic 350P automatically adjusts voltage and amperage when the operator adjusts wire speed on the gun, Miller said.

The company also offers the Multimatic 200, an all-in-one portable welding system with MIG, stick and TIG processes. It includes an auto-set elite feature that allows operators to quickly and easily set weld parameters based on material type and thickness, as well as fine-tune those parameters to match each specific application. The system weighs only 29 lbs. and connects to common 120- and 230-volt power receptacles with the Miller-exclusive MVP multi-voltage plug.

The machine offers positive arc starts and a stable arc with minimal spatter when MIG welding with mixed gases and straight carbon dioxide, Miller said. Stick and TIG welding performance matches that of Miller’s Maxstar 150 Series of inverter power sources. The system is also compatible with a number of accessories.

Webb Wheel adds mobile apps

To increase the ease with which its customers can locate information, Webb Wheel Aftermarket has added Android and BlackBerry Playbook apps to its social media offerings. The company can now be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and by downloading the Webb iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry Playbook applications.

Through these media sources, commercial vehicle operators, maintenance personnel, and parts distributors can easily view current procedural information, part number interchanges and specifications, and a growing library of technician training tools, all of which can be helpful to their operation, the company said.

Webb is a manufacturer of wheel end components with expertise and data concerning the spec’ing and maintaining of hubs, drums and rotors for medium and heavy trucks, trailers and buses.

Fifth wheel tow attachment

Maintenance technicians routinely work on tractors and trailers that may need to be towed around the property or into the shop. Tow Your Own is a company dedicated to making that job easier.

The company’s Model 10 and Model 20 all-purpose fifth wheel wreckers add versatility to its portable towing systems. The all-purpose upgrade gives the user a flip down 2x2-in. receiver hitch that allows a variety of additional towing options and attachments. Users can now tow with pintle hook, hitch pin, ball or virtually any attachment system that can install into a 2x2-in. receiver hitch. The company added that a winch can even be mounted into this connection as well as other racks or towing devices.

Battery tutorials

In addition to producing deep-cycle batteries, Trojan Battery also offers a video tutorial series to help maintain those batteries. The “Trojan Tips” series provide in-depth information on a variety of battery topics such as deep-cycle battery technologies, maintenance practices, charging procedures, and safety when handling batteries.

Currently, there are 12 videos on the company’s website located under the “tech support” tab; just click on “battery maintenance.”


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