KLLM says it has tested its new internal trailer door locking system for more than a year Photo courtesy of KLLM

KLLM says it has tested its new internal trailer door locking system for more than a year. (Photo courtesy of KLLM)

KLLM now locking trailers from the inside

The remote-controlled Power In-Lock can only be unlocked by the carrier’s operations center.

Refrigerated carrier KLLM Transport Services recently introduced a new trailer door locking mechanism for its trailers called Power In-Lock; a remote-controlled deadbolt-style locking system developed by Q Products & Services to provide an additional level of protection against cargo thieves.

"This locking mechanism will offer our customers an even higher measure of security against theft, tampering, or any event that may pose a threat to the integrity of the product," noted Jim Richards, KLLM’s president and CEO, in statement – adding that KLLM has worked with Q Products for over a year to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the Power In-Lock system.

"Our doors are locked electronically from our Jackson headquarters as soon as the trailer is loaded, and the trailer is locked from the inside, totally out of sight and out of reach of thieves,” Richards pointed out. “Once the lock is activated, the door cannot be opened until the trailer reaches its destination, and it can only be opened by KLLM operations personnel.”

He noted that this internal locking mechanism also provides a minute-by-minute record of all lock and door activity, providing shippers with documented proof their product was not compromised during transit.

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