1.23.19 minimizer volvo mats.jpg Minimizer

Minimizer releases floor mats for new Volvo trucks

With Volvo’s updated line of trucks hitting the roads and highways of North America, Minimizer has released custom molded floor mats that fit each of those models.

The new versions of the VNL, VNR, VNX, and VHD are now covered by the lifetime warranty offered by Minimizer.

“We have never manufactured Floor Mats for the VNR, VNX, or VHD, so this is exciting news,” said Gordon Eby, technical manager at Minimizer.  “And while we do offer floor mats for the older VNL, the update made it necessary to introduce an entirely new kit.f

“We think Volvo owners will find these new floor mats offer the same durability and value they’ve come to expect from Minimizer,” Minimizer’s director of marketing Steve Hansen said.

Minimizer floor mats utilize a tray system, meaning the cab floor is protected by the mat’s raised edge.  Whatever falls on the mat – such as dirt from a driver’s boots or coffee from a driver’s cup – stays on the mat.

“Floor mats have become one of our most popular products, and we intend to keep up with demand by continuing to release new kits whenever the need arises,” Hansen said.

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