Tool to remove valve stems on inner duals

A new tool developed by a professional trucker makes it easier to remove valve cap stems, including the difficult-to-reach stems on inner duals, and also can remove and reinstall valve cores from the valve stems, Ken-Tool said.

The Ken-Tool 29995 ValveCapper tool is 11 1/2 in. long, with a fiberglass shaft covered with a durable polymer coating. It is designed for use with metal stem caps typically used on truck valve stems.

According to the company, one end is inserted over the valve cap, the flexible tip holding it for removal and reinstallation. The opposite end features a valve core removal tool to conveniently service a damaged valve core. The long shaft allows easy two-handed removal and reinstallation of the valve core in the stem. 

In addition to convenient access to the inner dual valve stems, it eliminates dropping valve stem caps.

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