Xtra Lease adding 2,000 trailers to fleet

Xtra Lease adding 2,000 trailers to fleet

Rental and leasing company Xtra Lease has order more than 2,000 new trailers for this year, including a mix of dry vans, refeers, flatbeds, chassis and lift-gate van trailers.

Dry vans and reefers will include fuel-saving aerodynamic side skirts and low-rolling resistance tires. All vans also will receive trailer tracking units to help fleets attack utilization and costs.

In addition, Xtra Lease is retrofitting hundreds of 2010 model-year trailers in California, making them compliant with the California Air Resource Board’s (CARB) greenhouse gas requirements. Combined with the new recent purchases, XTRA Lease has more than 20,000 skirted trailers.

“This is the fourth straight year we’ve made a large investment to keep our fleet updated and refreshed,” said Bill Franz, president and CEO. “While many companies have struggled to update their fleet with newer, more reliable trailers, we can provide fleets access to high-performing and safe, newer trailers.”

The new trailers will include a mix of single drop and extendable flatbeds and tridem and combination tridem chassis.

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