$20 million program will pay truck drivers for losing weight

The Healthy Trucking Assn. of America (HTAA) announced that it will soon launch a program that will allow 10,000 obese truck drivers the opportunity to go on a free doctor-supervised weight loss program and get paid for their participation.  Drivers that stay on the program can earn “over $800 in cold hard cash,” according to Bill Gordon, HTAA executive director.

HTAA, Gordon said, has secured $20 million in funding for the “Healthy Trucking PAYS” weight loss program to “help 10,000 obese drivers get healthy and get paid at the same time.”

Full details about the Healthy Trucking PAYS weight loss program will be unveiled at the upcoming HTAA Healthy Trucking Summit in Atlanta, GA, April 24-26. Trucking fleets and organizations in attendance at the summit will have the first opportunity to sign their drivers up for the new Healthy Trucking PAYS weight loss program, Gordon said. “Fleets interested in this program should plan to send a representative to the 2012 Summit in order to take advantage of this grand opportunity before all 10,000 slots are filled.”

“We want to prove our slogan that ‘Healthy Trucking PAYS,’” said Gordon.  “We know that professional drivers are undergoing a great deal of financial pressure right now.  So much so, it is hard for drivers to even think about losing weight or getting fit.  Plus, most of the companies and organizations out there offering weight loss programs to drivers are actually trying to charge drivers a monthly fee for the programs and in these tough economic times a lot of drivers who desperately need it just can’t afford it.”

Each year, HTAA invites trucking industry leaders, health and wellness professionals, recruitment & retention managers and others interested in improved driver health to attend the Healthy Trucking Summit to network and receive information and resources to help drivers get healthy and live longer lives. 

 Those interested in attending the 2012 Healthy Trucking Summit can visit the HTAA website at www.HealthyTruck.org and then click on the 2012 HTAA Healthy Trucking Summit link for more information; or contact Jim Sherlock at [email protected] or (334) 546-8000.

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