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Florida cracks down on aggressive driving

In an effort to teach motorists and truck drivers how to  share the road, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) announced that its Ticketing  Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) program will be stringently enforced through  the end of this month. The program was announced Friday at the Daytona  International Speedway by the FHP along with commercial vehicle leaders, according  to a report in the Daytona Beach New-Leader.

FHP Capt. Derek Barrs said state troopers will be monitoring  major roadways and highways Feb. 27-29 for motorists following tractor-trailers  too closely. FHP will also be cracking down on truckers driving too  aggressively, he said. “This is not just a car or truck issue, it’s both.”

Barrs said the main lesson for people driving on Florida  roads is to learn how to share it. “Cutting in too close to a truck could cut  your life short,” he warned.

Florida Trucking Assn. spokesman Mark Shallars alerted motorists to be aware of large tractor-trailer  blind spots and aware of the fact that semis have a tough time maneuvering on  the road when hauling large loads.

“We believe through education, defensive driving and courtesy  we can reduce accidents,” he said.
  According to FHP spokeswoman Kim Montes, officials will be  posting billboards and electronic messages to raise awareness about aggressive  driving.

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