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Use the new Comdata OnRoad Card almost anywhere

April 17, 2018
Comdata: Access to MasterCard Signature Debit Network makes new fleet card most widely accepted in the industry.

Comdata Inc., a Fleetcor company, introduced the Comdata OnRoad Card, which it called the most widely accepted multipurpose fuel and driver funds card in the transportation industry. The OnRoad Card builds on the leading security and controls of the Comdata Proprietary Card and adds increased visibility and security features for fleets while offering more convenience, broader access to personal funds and a fee-friendly structure for drivers.

The OnRoad Card’s unique dual-sided setup keeps fleets in control of company money while allowing drivers to easily manage personal funds with a single card that has universal acceptance and zero point-of-sale fees when running debit transactions on the MasterCard Signature Debit Network. In addition, driver funds can be accessed at bank tellers and thousands of Cirrus and AllPoints ATM locations across North America. 

“We are increasingly seeing fleets focus attention on the driver experience as a way to attract and retain top talent,” said Greg Secord, president of Comdata North American Trucking. “Access to the MasterCard network will give drivers the ability to use their personal funds in virtually any location at any time, including online purchases. The OnRoad Card’s convenience and flexibility aligns with our mission to improve driver experience by empowering them to focus fully on the road ahead.”

As a trusted resource for managing merchant/carrier relationships across the industry, Comdata also ensures negotiated fuel discounts are properly administered according to contracted price agreements. Similar to the Comdata Proprietary Card, the OnRoad Card’s unique functionality will ensure these discounts are applied in real-time, eliminating the time and expense of retroactively analyzing and verifying transaction data. The card also offers fleets enhanced visibility into the transaction status of authorizations, postings and declines while improving the compliance posture when used for payroll.

“We strongly believe the lifeblood of this industry are partnerships that build mutual confidence and trust,” said Secord. “We’re proud to do our part by offering the OnRoad Card. Comdata is giving fleets peace-of-mind that the valued partnerships they worked so hard to create are fully maintained and supported.”

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