Deadline nears for California GHG phase-in options

Deadline nears for California GHG phase-in options

California's greenhouse gas reduction regulations for tractor-trailers is July 1 for fleets operating 21 or more 53-ft or longer dry van or refrigerated trailers

The deadline for fleets operating 21 or more 53-ft or longer dry van and refrigerated trailers in California to access flexible compliance options through the Golden State’s tractor-trailer greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction regulations is just 10 days away – July 1st, to be exact.

The rules affect all motor carriers that operate such 53-footers in California, regardless of whether the fleet is based in the Golden State or not. And the California Air Resources Board (CARB) said it wants to make sure affected trucking companies take advantage of the opportunity to use what it calls “flexible compliance options.”

To tap into those options, fleets first need to register their trailers with the agency via its website, then create an account and then submit their compliance plan either online to CARB no later than July 1 or mail it to the agency by that same date to: Air Resources Board, Attn: ORHDD Section, 9480 Telstar Avenue, Suite 4, El Monte, CA 91731.

CARB stressed that the purpose of its GHG regulations is to reduce GHG emissions with the use of aerodynamic equipment and fuel efficient tires that also help truck owners save money through improved fuel economy.

A fleet’s compliance plan must include a list of all the affected trailers within the fleet and the scheduled percentage of trailers to be brought into compliance each year.

Submitting such a plan gives carriers a “phase-in option” that allows them up to five years – from 2011 through 2015 – to phase-in compliance for their California-bound trailers, CARB said.

Instructions on how fleets can prepare and submit GHG compliance plans can be found by clicking here.

CARB stressed that fleets that don’t submit a compliance plan by July 1 must then have all their affected trailers in full compliance with GHG rules by Jan. 1, 2013. However, smaller fleets (with 20 or fewer trailers) will have until July 1, 2012, to register for a flexible compliance option, the agency added.

CARB also pointed out that it plans to offer three-day temporary passes to allow a non-compliant tractor-trailer to operate in California once its GHG regulations go into full effect. Bbut only one pass will be allowed per fleet per year and they will only be available through 2015.

More information about CARB’s GHG regulations and compliance tools is available by clicking here or by calling CARB at 866- 634-3735 or by contacting them via email: [email protected]

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