PSI points up green side of MTIS

Pressure Systems International (PSI) has announced it has begun shipping the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) to its OEM customers with a new green Thru-T and green striped delivery hoses to illustrate the environmentally friendly benefits of the product

Pressure Systems International (PSI) has announced it has begun shipping the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) to its OEM customers with a new green Thru-T and green striped delivery hoses to illustrate the environmentally friendly benefits of the product.

According to the company, a recently published U.S. Government study shows the use of the Meritor Automatic Tire Inflation System by PSI to continuously maintain proper air pressure can increase miles per gallon in fuel economy by 1.8%.

“We chose the day after the July 4th holiday to launch our new Green Initiative with new green Thru-T’s and hoses to commemorate our customers’ maintenance independence from trailer tire inflation issues,” said Mike Niemeyer, director of fleet sales, North & Central America. “With MTIS, our customers automatically get all the cost and environmental benefits of properly inflated tires.”

In addition to reducing fuel consumption, according to Niemeyer, fleets equipping their trailers with MTIS also help the environment and significantly cut their costs by preventing “rubber alligators” on the highways, providing reusable casings for better retreading, eliminating most tire-related roadside service calls, increasing tire life and avoiding delivery delays caused by down vehicles.

PSI also announced that recent tests done by an independent laboratory showed “significant evidence” that MTIS by PSI saves fuel and tires. The company said EPA SmartWay approved new commercial trailer tires, including a retread, were submitted to Standards Testing Laboratory in Massillon, OH to determine the effect of underinflation on tire rolling resistance/fuel economy.

Depending on specific tire make/model, tire rolling resistance (lower is better) increased on the average 12% when the tire’s air pressure was run as low as 70 psi (30% underinflated), said PSI. Trailer tires, especially inside duals, historically run significantly under inflated, since these tires are the most neglected tire position. This 12% increase in rolling resistance equates in the real world of trucking to approximately a 2.3% reduction in vehicle fuel economy for linehaul applications, the company noted. This increase in tire rolling resistance can be attributed to the increase in the length of the tire footprint when a tire is run underinflated. More rubber on the road will lead to an increase in tire rolling resistance which is bad for fuel economy, PSI pointed out.

Al Cohn, director of new market development & engineering Support for PSI, explained that “All the data we see about running tires underinflated for any period of time shows the diminished efficiency of those tires and the negative impact on miles per gallon and tire life. Having tires properly inflated at all times is the only way to maximize the investment fleets have in their tire assets.”

According to PSI, test also show that even though a tire can be rated as low rolling resistance it must be properly inflated to achieve that performance criteria “Commercial truck tires, including fuel-efficient tires and retreads, require the correct operating inflation pressure in order to support the weight of the vehicle/cargo and increase fuel economy by reducing rolling resistance” stated Kevin Rohlwing, senior vp of training for the Tire Industry Assn, upon reviewing the test results.

In fact, noted PSI, even a retread will show better mpg and longer life if it is constantly maintaining proper tire pressures. “Many fleets have done the research themselves in over- the-road evaluations and proved that they can save tires, fuel and eliminate road side service costs by using MTI by PSI,” said Frank Sonzala, executive vp of PSI. “It is time that the product reflects its true colors, which is why we've made this new product change. We believe going ‘green’ is not only the right thing to do but offers cost benefits to our customers as well. Fleets adding automatic tire inflation systems are reaping the benefits of going ‘green’ too.”

PSI said it has also embraced the green initiative in its day-to- day corporate environment. The new green Thru-T and hoses are completely interchangeable/replaceable with all of the previous Thru-T and hose products dating back to 1997. The commercial vehicle aftermarket will begin receiving PSI’s “green” product in August 2010, the company added.

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