Phillips Industries light-duty trailer and truck electrical connectors Photo: Phillips Industries
Phillips Industries is expanding its electrical connector product lineup for light-duty trailer and truck applications.

Phillips Industries expands light-duty trailer electrical connectors

Electrical and air brake system components manufacturer Phillips Industries is expanding its product offerings for light-duty trailers such as tagalong, equipment, landscape and utility trailers and the vehicles that tow them including pickups, RVs and SUVs. 

These new corrosion-resistant products include plug and socket harness repair/ replacement pieces and additions to Phillips' four- and six-way light-duty electrical assembly line.

• STA-DRY four- and six-way straight cables with THERMOSEALED plugs in 6-ft. to 20-ft. lengths will be added to Phillips' light-duty electrical assembly lineup, which now includes four- and six-way light-duty coiled cables in 8-ft. to 15-ft. lengths.

• New weatherproof STA-DRY THERMOSEALED four- and six-way plugs and weatherproof STA-DRY molded four- and six-way sockets feature a non-corrosive housing and are molded to varying lengths of cable for easy splicing into an existing electrical harness when repairs are required.

• STA-DRY four-way molded flat connectors for light-duty towing are now available with connections offering weatherproofing to fight corrosion, according to Phillips, and are molded to 2-ft. and 4-ft. cable lengths for splicing into the vehicle or trailer electrical harness.

• A seven-way blade socket with varying lengths of blunt-cut cables is being introduced to supplement Phillips' current seven-way blade connections for RV light-duty towing. A non-corrosive housing and socket boot will offer corrosion protection.

• A STA-DRY WEATHER-TITE PERMAPLUG is now available to connect a light-duty trailer to a light-duty vehicle wired with a J560-type socket.  The WEATHER-TITE PERMAPLUG seal blocks all contaminants from entering the electrical system, Phillips said. 

The entire line of light-duty vehicle products from Phillips Industries is available from the company's dealer network throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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