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Michelin adds Halo tire inflation

NASHVILLE. A self-powered, bolt-on device that maintains optimal tire pressure is now available from Michelin Americas Truck Tires and its service network. Michelin Auto Inflate is a company branded version of the Halo system developed by Aperia Technologies.

Mounted on the hub of a dual tire assembly or a super single tire, Halo has a self-powered pump that monitors and adjusts pressure to factory-set pressure on every rotation. It can be installed in 10 minutes without any axle drilling and can be transferred to another vehicle easily, according to Michelin.

Michelin’s first auto inflation offering, the Halo technology is simple but accurate and easy to install, according to Ralph Dimenna, Michelin Americans Truck Tires COO. “Maintaining optimal tire pressure manually is nearly impossible. We believe Michelin Auto Inflate provides fleets with the best solution for keeping their tires aired up.”

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