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Mitchell1 1Search Plus.

Mitchell 1 enhances TruckSeries with 1Search Plus

Advanced search technology and intuitive interface can save technicians time.

ATLANTA. Mitchell 1 unveiled the latest enhancement to its TruckSeries truck repair software suite, 1Search Plus, during a press conference March 17 in conjunction with the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council 2019 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition.

The 1Search Plus interface now incorporated into TruckSeries streamlines the vehicle technician’s job with an easy-to-use graphical design and consolidated information to help them work more efficiently. The advanced search technology scans the vast database of Mitchell 1 content and returns only the specific information the technician needs to make the necessary diagnosis and repair. All information relevant to the selected vehicle is assembled and delivered in a single location without any unnecessary and time-consuming navigation.

“1Search Plus is the most dynamic improvement Mitchell 1 has made to TruckSeries to date and is specifically designed to save technicians time,” said Kristy LaPage, business manager for the Mitchell 1 commercial vehicle group. “This advanced search engine captures all the information the technician needs when diagnosing and repairing a vehicle and delivers it to them in one place in a familiar format. We’re confident this latest enhancement to our repair software will get trucks back on the road sooner which is the goal of every commercial vehicle operator.”

With 1Search Plus, the technician selects the vehicle he or she is working on, enters a search term for the type of repair required, and 1Search Plus returns information in a unique graphical card format, bringing together all relevant information in a user-friendly layout. Content is categorized into the following cards:

  • Specifications: Vehicle specifications
  • Testing: Test procedures
  • Component Connector: Connector view and pin-outs
  • Component Location: Component location diagrams
  • Component Operation: Component operation and description
  • Wiring Diagrams: Wiring diagrams
  • Diagrams: Images and exploded views
  • Remove & Replace: R&R procedures
  • After Repair Info: Post repair testing and validation
  • Labor: Labor time

Key features and benefits of 1Search Plus include:

  • The graphical card format is intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Results are more targeted, so technicians can spend less time scrolling as data is now categorized into more specific cards.

Cards populate only if there is relevant information, so technicians only see information for the results they need.

“The goal is to make every shop the most profitable business it can be,” said LaPage. “We don’t want technicians wasting time looking for information. We’re confident this enhancement to our repair software will get trucks back on the road sooner, and that is the goal of every commercial vehicle operator.”

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