PC-11 website updated with new details on upcoming oil specs

PC-11 website updated with new details on upcoming oil specs

As PC-11 draws closer, Shell Rotella continues to refresh WhatIsPC-11.com with updated information about the upcoming diesel engine oils specification. New information includes details about how the specification is being developed including testing, the two oils that will be used for current and older engines and for new 2017 engines, and the changes you can expect for the new engine oils.

A new section, called “The Future of Fuel Economy,” has been added which shows how fuel economy in Class 8 trucks has increased only slightly over the past 35 years. With an industry-wide effort to increase fuel economy, Shell Rotella and the AirFlow Truck have teamed up to break existing fuel-mileage records through the StarShip Initiative. The page will chronicle the development of the StarShip truck, which will use new PC-11 engine oils and other fuel efficient lubricants made by Shell.

“WhatIsPC-11.com is an industry resource for topics related to PC-11, including what it means for fleets, owner/operators, off-highway vehicles and diesel-powered pickup truck,” Shell Rotella said. “PC-11 engine oils are expected to affect new, current and older engines when the category replaces API CJ-4 engine oils.”

The new API category is being driven by changes in engine technology to meet emissions, renewable fuel and fuel economy standards for reduced CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the new specification refreshes test limits in response to changes in engine hardware and operating condition

The last heavy-duty engine oil category, CJ-4, was introduced in 2006. Several engine tests need upgrading and older test hardware is expected to become unavailable. When PC-11 is licensed, Dec. 1, 2016, it will have been almost 10 years since the current category was introduced.

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