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TRAC Intermodal MSU Photo: TRAC Intermodal
TRAC Intermodal has doubled the size of its Mobile Service Unit truck fleet.

TRAC Intermodal doubles mobile service unit

TRAC Intermodal just announced it is doubling the size of its Mobile Service Unit (MSU) truck fleet to help accelerate chassis repairs and increase intermodal shipment velocity at key rail ramps across the country.

TRAC established its MSU program in 2016 to help ensure that roadable chassis are readily available for customers. The MSU program adds needed repair capacity in select markets and has been expanded each year since it was launched, the company noted.

“TRAC is committed to providing the highest quality equipment for our customers and our Mobile Service Units help us maintain both a high-quality and steady supply of chassis in our network,” said Keith Lovetro, president and CEO.

“The MSU program is a key part of our operational goal to increase the cargo velocity at rail ramps across the country,” he added.

The MSUs are staffed by TRAC mechanics that are specially trained to address a wide range of chassis repairs including brakes, lights, tires and other equipment needs in rail ramp locations.

TRAC Intermodal is a provider of intermodal marine equipment and chassis pool manager, with nine pools under management across the U.S.

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