Truck-Lite system actively monitors trailer lights

Truck-Lite system actively monitors trailer lights

NASHVILLE. The Light-Out Detection System from Truck-Lite Co. continuously monitors all lights on a trailer, making it easier for drivers to do a pre-trip inspection of the lights and notifying them is one fails at any time.

Introduced at the Technology and Maintenance Council annual meeting, the new system is a bolt on replacement for a trailer SAU J560 nose box and 7-pin connector assembly. It is equipped with new microprocessor technology that “learns” a trailer’s electrical parameters and then continuously monitors them for any changes indicating a failure, according to Brad Van Riper, sr. VP and chief technology officer.

Designed to work with LED lights only, the system can be toggled by the driver during the pre-trip inspection to actively cycle all lights on the trailer automatically.  Once underway, a blue fault light will be visible in the driver’s mirror if any lamp fails.  A blink code on the fault light identifies the exact problem light.

The Light-Out Detection System is intended to help fleets avoid the most common vehicle fault violations leading to roadside inspections. “One-quarter of all CSA violations in 2014 were lighting related,” Van Riper said. “Having a light out is just like having a sign on the trailer saying ‘Inspect Me,’ which can lead to more serious non-related violations.”

A number of trailer OEMs are currently evaluating the Light-Out Detection System, which can also be retrofitted by replacing the nose box.  Full production is scheduled to begin in April.

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