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Muncie options compatible with Eaton

Muncie Power Products Inc. offers power take-off options compatible with the new Eaton Procision Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission

Muncie Power PTO
Muncie offers power options compatible with new Eaton transmission.

Available power take-off options include the TG Series and RS Series. These options allow all three mounting points on the transmission to be utilized, according to Muncie.

“The TG Series is the most versatile and widely used double gear type PTO in the industry. It is available with 10 speed ratios, 19 shift types and 19 output shaft options,” the company said.

“The standard in Europe, rear mount PTOs are becoming more common in North America due to limited access to traditional side mount openings. In partnership with our European operations, we offer a wide range of rear mounted PTOs for foreign and domestic transmission applications. The RS Series is a good option, offering either a direct pump mount or a drive shaft output.”

The Eaton Procision Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission is a trademark of Eaton Corporation. It is in no way affiliated with Muncie Power Products, the company said.

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