ArvinMeritor teams with DaimlerChrysler on exhaust aftertreatment

May 1, 2006
AVARIETY of product announcements were made by ArvinMeritor officials during the 35th annual Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Topping

AVARIETY of product announcements were made by ArvinMeritor officials during the 35th annual Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Topping the list, they said the Commercial Vehicle Systems (CVS) group was selected to supply 100% of the exhaust aftertreatment device packaging for DaimlerChrysler's heavy-duty engines that will be sold in the US market from 2007 and beyond.

Engines involved include Detroit Diesel and Mercedes Benz power plants designed for Freightliner, Sterling, and Western Star trucks. With this contract, ArvinMeritor will provide the engineered packaging for all configurations of these aftertreatment devices, which are part of the engine manufacturers' emissions system to meet the 2007 emission requirements. The devices also meet US sound attenuation standards.

ArvinMeritor has a long history of active involvement in developing advanced emissions-control technologies dating back to the catalytic converter in the 1970s. It has a portfolio of advanced emissions-control technologies targeted for the heavy-duty markets including combinatorial technologies that target both particulate matter and NOx to meet stringent emissions requirements in the United States, Europe, Japan, and South America.

Among other announcements, ArvinMeritor rolled out a new axle- hub assembly for the wide-base tires that are becoming increasingly popular with weight-sensitive tank truck fleets. A new severe service brake package was introduced. MeritorWABCO announced the availability of its new PLC Display for tractor-trailer communications.

The new wide-based hubs for drive and trailer axles offer improved fuel economy, better handling and stability. The new hub requires no modification to the drive axle. The new drive- and trailer-axle hubs will be available on new tractors and trailers as well as through the company's Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket for users who choose to retrofit to the wide-base single tire.

Tom Gosnell, president of Commercial Vehicle Systems for ArvinMeritor, said the new hubs are the outcome of an innovation workshop to address an un-met customer need. The new hubs offer truck operators multiple benefits including:

  • More robust axle bearings that improve life over conventional bearings and support a full 40,000-lb application rating.

  • Two-inch outset wheels that increase track width and improve handling and stability for greater safety at all speeds.

  • Improved cooling lowers braking temperatures and improves brake lining wear.

  • Reduced system weight of nearly 900 pounds for tractor and trailer, which increases cargo hauling capacity.

  • Full backward compatibility with dual wheel systems while retaining 40,000-lb capacity, when Meritor hubs are used, for flexibility in fleet operations.

ArvinMeritor has added the Severe Service Q Plus (SSQ Plus) heavy-duty brake system for vehicles that operate in harsh or rugged environments. The system is designed to extend service life and improve asset utilization in vehicles used in construction, refuse collection, firefighting, off-road, and other severe use situations.

The SSQ Plus system consists of larger, more robust brakes along with upgraded bushings, seals and hardware. Fleet testing on 30 refuse vehicles over a period of 26 months, indicated time between brake relines could increase from 2.3 months to 13 months, a potential increase of over 500%. The SSQ Plus package will be available as an original equipment option on new vehicles and for aftermarket applications.

The new PLC Display for tractor-trailer communications from MeritorWABCO enables the display of communications between the tractor and trailer, communicating important information concerning the status of trailer-mounted systems. A significant addition to the communications capabilities is the transmission of critical information from the Meritor Tire Inflation System by PSI.

“Our new PLC Display provides the driver with the information needed to easily monitor vital trailer systems, and for the first time links the trailer and the tractor as a unit,” said Jon Morrison, general manager of MeritorWABCO. “In addition, telematics compatibility with the system means fleets can stay in touch with the vehicle to monitor vehicle usage or service requirements to keep their fleets operating at peak efficiency.”

The InfoLink communications gateway allows more complete monitoring of Anti-Lock Braking Systems and integrates functions, such as brake control, sensor inputs, output drivers, and provides a communications link to the existing tractor data bus.

Examples of the tractor-trailer-oriented communications and control that are possible include:

  • Wheel-end temperature warnings

  • Low tire pressure

  • Trailer ABS diagnostics

  • Trailer air supply

  • Wheel drag warning

  • Lift axle status

  • Trailer back-up lights and steer axle lockouts

  • Reefer zone temperature and fuel warnings

  • Slider control

  • Telematic devices

  • Trailer dome light status

  • Suspension weight

  • Trailer mileage

“The PLC Display's low cost, ease of installation and maintenance, make it attractive to our fleet customers, who must balance the driver's need for information with their bottom line,” said Bob Sibley, director, Trailer Products for Meritor WABCO. “Drivers like InfoLink's user-friendly operation, ease of readability and warnings for critical information.”

The PLC Display's viewing screen, which mounts to the tractor's instrument panel for easy visibility, allows information for up to seven I/Os — five digital and two analog — to be displayed. The system also provides physical connection to other SAE J-1587 communications devices, allowing them to link to the tractor.

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