Logistics Council Slates Annual Conference

April 1, 2000
The Council of Logistics Management's annual conference will take place Sept 24-27, 2000, at the Ernest N Morial Convention Center in New Orleans LA.

The Council of Logistics Management's annual conference will take place Sept 24-27, 2000, at the Ernest N Morial Convention Center in New Orleans LA. This year's theme is "Redefining logistics.com," and the program will feature:

* Logistics Educators' Conference: Those conference registrants who arrive in New Orleans early September 24 are encouraged to take part in the 29th annual Logistics Educators' Conference, scheduled from 7:30 am to 4:50 pm. The conference will officially open that day at 6:30 pm with a reception.

* General and concurrent sessions: September 25-26 mornings will begin with general sessions, and the conference will conclude with a general session after the closing luncheon September 27. The 2000 conference program will feature eight concurrent session periods-with each period 11-2 hours long-which begin September 25 and run through September 27. Registrants can choose from 43 concurrent sessions during each period. About half of these sessions will be repeated.

* Logistics facilities tours: Three tour track chairpersons are arranging for logistics-related facility tours in the New Orleans area September 25-26 . Participation in the tours will be limited to 44 persons per tour.

"Regular" registration fees for the 2000 conference will be $975 US for CLM members and $1,225 US for nonmembers who register on or after July 1, 2000. "Early" registration rates-for those whose registration forms and funds for the appropriate fee arrive at the council before July 1, 2000-will be $850 US for CLM members and $1,100 US for nonmembers. The 2000 registration fee for the spouse program is $375 US.

Registration for the 2000 conference will close Sept 8, 2000. For more information, fax a request to 630-574-0537; e-mail a request to [email protected]; or contact Conference Registrar, CLM, 2805 Butterfield Rd #200, Oak Brook IL 60523-1170.

Canadians to Observe National Trucking Week The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), a federation of the seven provincial trucking associations, has announced National Trucking Week 2000 will be celebrated Sept 11-17, 2000. This weeklong national annual event is held to spotlight the contribution made by the 400,000 men and women who keep Canada's freight moving. CTA and the provincial associations are encouraging each carrier and supplier from coast-to-coast to undertake activities in their own province to celebrate. In 1999, the industry embraced the event with activities held across Canada.

ATA Requests Emergency Energy Conference The American Trucking Associations (ATA) has asked President Clinton to convene an emergency White House energy price and supply conference immediately to produce a comprehensive government strategy to halt rising fuel prices.

Walter B McCormick Jr, ATA president and chief executive officer, said the conference should include all freight and passenger transportation modes, United States oil production companies and fuel retailers, top federal energy and foreign relations officials, and economic leaders. He made clear that the economy could be running out of time. Seventy percent of the trucking industry consists of carriers with six or fewer trucks. These small, often family-run businesses are strapped for cash as their 2% to 4% profit margins are wiped out. Many are now heavily in debt to their fuel suppliers and are at risk of being cut off.

McCormick reminded the White House that the average price of diesel fuel has increased 50% in the past year. The East Coast price remains high and the problem is spreading west. Since January 20, the Midwest, Rocky Mountain, and West Coast regions all have witnessed price jumps of nearly 10%.

In its letter, the ATA said the industry's diesel price problem is a crisis of concern to all Americans. More than 70% of US communities rely solely on trucking for their supplies, and this industry is one of the first to feel the signs of an economic downturn. But without emergency action, McCormick warned, the industry will not be the only victim as the risks rise of an inflationary chain reaction spreading to the rest of the economy.

Matson Navigation Co Raises Fuel Surcharge Due to steadily escalating costs in bunker fuel, Matson Navigation Co has increased its fuel surcharge from 2.25% to 3.25% in its Hawaii and Guam services, effective April 2, 2000. The fuel surcharge was filed with the Surface Transportation Board recently. Matson implemented a 1.75% fuel surcharge Oct 11, 1999. The surcharge was raised Feb 20, 2000, to 2.25%.

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