Crown Presents TSP Turret Stockpicker

Jan. 1, 2000
The TSP Series turret stockpicker from Crown Equipment Corp is designed to work in narrow aisles with lift heights to 530" and rated load capacities of

The TSP Series turret stockpicker from Crown Equipment Corp is designed to work in narrow aisles with lift heights to 530" and rated load capacities of 2,000 pounds at maximum lift heights. It lets the operator stand or sit during operation.

High performance speeds are achievable because of the solid four-point suspension and patented closed cross-section mast assembly. The four-point suspension distributes truck and load weight. The closed cross-section mast is designed to resist dynamics of side loading and pivoting a load in the aisle.

The truck also has dual-drive motors. A brake assembly is located on both drive motors and on each large load wheel. This four-point braking extends brake service life and slows and stops the truck smoothly.

Crown uses patented linear speed reduction for the TSP. This delivers maximum travel speed at elevated heights to boost productivity. For more information, contact Crown, New Bremen OH 45869.

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Brochure Details Mitsubishi Forklift Line A new 12-page, color brochure highlights Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks' new line of 3,000- to 6,000-lb-capacity cushion tire forklifts-Models FGC15K, FGC18K, FGC20K, FGC25K, and FGC30K.

Forklift trucks include a new seat cushion design for improved thigh and lumbar support. Its profile is molded into the rear of the upper seat to provide arm support when the operator travels in reverse. Synthetic rubber engine mounts were added to limit engine vibration into the frame. Other critical components within the truck also have been rubber-mounted. Additional design improvements include an open-step for entry and exit and a hydrostatic steering system for improved operator control and maneuverability.

Inside the forklift trucks is a revamped cooling system that relies on a square-wave radiator, thus combining the anti-clogging feature of an open-core radiator with the cooling capacity of a corrugated radiator.

For complete details, contact Mitsubishi, 2011 W Sam Houston Pkwy North, Houston TX 77043-2421.

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Dock Lift Bypasses Need for Loading Dock Air Technical Industries announces the Zero-Low Dock Lift, which offers flexibility to lift and load trucks even if a building is not equipped with a traditional loading dock.

The Zero-Low Dock Lift is designed to lower flush to ground level. With the table lowered, the beveled front edge allows for a load to glide on. The load can be placed on the unit by a forklift, rolled on if it is on casters, or pushed on with a hand truck. This lift has side fenders that allow a pallet to rest level and secure while forks of a forklift or hand truck can be pulled away. The Zero-Low Dock Lift is available in capacities ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 pounds. Deck sizes can vary from 50" x 48" up to 60" x 156". Maximum lift heights can range from 32" to 96".

A hinged dock plate allows for a "bridge" between the Zero-Low Dock Lift and the truck. Loads again can be eased off the deck of the Zero-Low Dock Lift and into a truckbed.

Power options include a 110-volt, single-phase or 220/440-volt, three-phase, AC-operated motor. For continuous-duty applications, a heavy-duty or extra-heavy-duty cycle package is recommended. Safety-Skirts are also available to shield internal mechanisms from debris.

For more information, contact Air Technical Industries, 7501 Clover Ave, Mentor OH 44060.

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