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Pommes Ma-gic Apples uses AiroCide

July 7, 2011
KES Science & Technology Inc announced that Pommes Ma-gic Apples will be using the NASA-developed non-chemical (no ozone) AiroCide food safety air sanitation technology.

KES Science & Technology Inc announced that Pommes Ma-gic Apples will be using the NASA-developed non-chemical (no ozone) AiroCide food safety air sanitation technology.

Airborne cross-contamination poses a potential threat to food safety. AiroCide can control airborne mold, fungi, allergens, bacteria, unpleasant odors, and viruses as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as ethylene gas while reducing VOC emissions. AiroCide will complement quality assurance programs while maximizing shelf-life.

Pommes Ma-gic is based in Rougemont, Quebec, Canada. It produces and distributes fresh sliced apples and other products with different apple varieties. AiroCide was chosen because “this proven state of the art system will enable us to pursue our objective to provide our customers with the highest quality and freshest products as well as ensuring a safe, clean and healthy environment for our employees” says Sébastien Alix, president and chief executive officer of Pommes Ma-gic.

Since 1921, the Alix family has been in the agrifood business, especially in the fresh apples sector. Pommes Ma-gic introduced sliced fresh green and red apples into the Canadian market in spring 2004, and is currently developing new apple-based products such as fresh diced apples.

The processing method developed by Pommes Ma-gic ensures that consumers get pure flavor and freshness, as each production stage is optimized for quality. Processing and packaging of the Pommes Ma-gic sliced apples is semi-automated. Precision cutting ensures that the apple stays firm, and electronic scales ensure uniform package weights.

The patented AiroCide technology is a Food and Drug Administration-listed Class II medical device that is Canadian Food Inspection Agency-approved. AiroCide is energy-efficient, as it was originally designed for the NASA space station program to successfully conduct astroculture experiments that required air free of mold spores and ethylene gas.

AiroCide is manufactured and distributed by Atlanta GA-based KES Science and Technology Inc. For more information, visit or

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