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Hyster Variable Power Technology can increase productivity, fuel savings

Feb. 2, 2015
Hyster Company has launched a new line of industrial engines designed to increase productivity and fuel economy for its 3,000- to 7,000-lb Class IV and V product lines.

Hyster Company has launched a new line of industrial engines designed to increase productivity and fuel economy for its 3,000- to 7,000-lb Class IV and V product lines.
These new engines from Power Solutions International (PSI) feature Hyster Variable Power Technology and offer a more powerful, efficient solution for demanding applications.
Hyster’s S30-40FTS cushion tire trucks and H30-40FTS pneumatic tire trucks include the new PSI 2.0L LP engine. Higher-capacity models including the Hyster S40-70FT and S50CT cushion tire trucks and H40-70FT and H50CT pneumatic tire trucks contain the new PSI 2.4L LP or dual fuel engine. The optional dual fuel engine provides flexibility to run on LP or gas, an ideal feature for rental applications.
An advanced feature that comes standard with the new PSI industrial engines includes Hyster Variable Power Technology. This technology provides adjustable performance modes that allow users to maximize productivity or fuel economy to fit specific application requirements. Hyster Variable Power Technology offers the ability to achieve a balance of enhanced performance and superior fuel economy or to maximize productivity during peak business periods when moving more loads is integral to the success of the operation.
To realize greater fuel efficiency and improve emissions, the PSI engines also use the latest E-controls fuel system with an electronically controlled regulator. Hyster trucks powered by the new PSI engines see increased maximum travel and hoist speeds, with or without a load, and increased horsepower—up to 10% over the previous engine.
During development, the new industrial engines endured more than 30,000 hours of testing, confirming engine component durability and performance dependability. This toughness is reflected in the extended service intervals and elimination of previous maintenance requirements.
Based in Greenville NC, Hyster Co is part of NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc (NYSE:HY). Hyster Co offers 130 models configured for gasoline, LPG, diesel, and electric power, with a capacity range from 2,000 to 105,000 lbs.
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