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Morgan Corp announces expansion of its NexGen line of truck, van bodies

Oct. 30, 2017
Morgan Corporation, designer and producer of light- and medium-duty truck and van bodies, has expanded its NexGen “Next Generation” product line.

Morgan Corporation, designer and producer of light- and medium-duty truck and van bodies, announces the expansion of its NexGen “Next Generation” product line.

In addition to its successful dry freight and refrigerated (reefer) bodies, Morgan has now introduced a medium- or “mid-temp” unit that is geared toward markets that require consistent temperatures control from 35° through 75° F. These units can be either cooled or heated based on the application. The new mid-temp body provides an effective delivery solution for clients including florists, bakeries, caterers, wine merchants, produce suppliers, and art/auction houses.

Morgan will also be demonstrating a prototype Home Delivery truck body that will incorporate the same design features as the line of NexGen bodies. With multiple curbside loading/unloading compartments of varying temperatures that allow for transportation of frozen foods, dairy, produce and packaged goods, the NexGen Home Delivery body will be poised to meet the needs of the expanding final mile transportation industry.

Featuring advanced design and cutting-edge materials, NexGen bodies are 15% to 20% lighter than current industry truck bodies, yet carry 400 to 600 lbs more payload than similar-size bodies. Their sleek design and advanced materials result in better fuel economy, increased cargo capacity, and better resistance to the elements for a lower overall cost of ownership and a faster ROI.

The lightweight body is built of non-corrosive materials to inhibit rust and keep the truck looking better and lasting longer. Built for durability, the NexGen body features a stain-resistant phenolic flooring in the dry freight body and an aluminum “silent floor” in the reefer. Leak-free sealed joints keep product, cargo, or tools dry because NexGen bodies are designed with elastomeric gaskets in the connection profiles that protect against water intrusion. Add in hard-mount installation brackets versus U-bolts, and these features increase the user’s uptime by minimizing repairs and maintenance.

Unlike standard bodies, NexGen provides a blank canvas—a sleek, rivetless and seamless design—to easily install graphics that highlight a company’s brand.

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