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New Kinedyne reefer curtain provides effective, 'effortless' solution

June 25, 2021
'Driver friendly' Kold-Front system designed to replace 'frustrating' PCV strips

Kinedyne’s new Kold-Front Refrigerated Curtain System is designed as driver-friendly alternative to “frustrating” PVC strip curtains that also provides superior thermal resistance and greater durability than traditional refrigerated side curtains.

Additionally, according to Kinedyne, Kold-Front is effortless to use and sturdier than a standard refrigerated side curtain, which provides better insulation to maintain required low interior temperatures while loading and unloading cargo.

“The Kold-Front system makes drivers’ lives significantly easier while they’re making all those trips in and out of the truck,” says Roger Perlstein, vice president – sales and marketing, Kinedyne.
“Because it’s a solid curtain, it keeps the cold air inside the truck to protect cargo and, thanks to Kinedyne’s exclusive ultra-glide design, drivers have no trouble opening and closing it.”

One of the major weaknesses of traditional refrigerated side curtains is the use of two-wheeled plastic rollers, Kinedyne explains. The wheels often bind, causing the curtain to get stuck—drivers tug on the curtains to get them moving, and then the plastic breaks.

Instead of plastic rollers, Kold-Front curtains are equipped with advanced, patented five-roller technology. These robust rollers are a precisely balanced combination of five steel wheels with ball bearings that offer ultra-glide performance and minimal friction.

Kold-Front’s solid curtain provides better insulation with a curtain that is 40% heavier than a standard side curtain, helping to maintain the required low interior temperatures in a refrigerated trailer, the supplier adds.The strength of the rollers and the curtain contribute to Kold-Front’s exceptional durability and reduced maintenance needs.

The Kold-Front Refrigerated Curtain System kit includes:

  • 84-inch Kin-Slider aluminum roller track
  • Three five-wheel rollers
  • Standard-sized 26 oz. PVC commercial-grade curtain - 60 inches wide by 102 inches long, ballast-weighted
  • Four hook and loop fasteners

While the kit comes with a standard-curtain, the color and dimensions are customizable based on fleets’ needs. The curtain has a 15-inch trimmable bottom sweep to allow for length adjustments. Kinedyne provides instructions for fleets to install the kit themselves or arrange for their dealer/distributor to do it.

For more information, visit kinedyne.com/koldfront.

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