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Emerson launches new cold chain trackers

April 7, 2022
GO Real-Time 4G/5G global and global plus trackers leverage Cat-M technology and additional sensors to monitor in-transit conditions for up to 90 days.

Emerson recently introduced new real-time trackers.

The company’s GO real-time 4G/5G global and global plus trackers leverage Cat-M, Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology to deliver real-time data for customers shipping high-value products across the globe.

As the cellular industry experiences a dramatic phase-down in 2G and 3G networks, Emerson is providing reliable connectivity through new technologies such as Cat-M and NBIoT (narrow band IoT), which are derivatives of 4G LTE, Emerson said. Major carriers already have rolled out extensive infrastructure to accommodate these new networks, enabling expansive growth of IoT applications. Emerson is aligned with these carriers and is working closely with its providers and customers to provide a smooth technology transition.

“Emerson provides real-time data and insights that allow our customers to take meaningful action,” said Amy Childress, vice president of cargo marketing and sales for Emerson’s cold chain business. “With the phase out of older cellular networks and the growth of IoT technologies, it is imperative that we leverage these new networks for our customers.

“Whether they are transporting food, healthcare items, or other valuable cargo, our technology and insights enable our customer’s shipments to be delivered with the highest possible quality.”

The new GO real-time 4G/5G global and global plus trackers can monitor in-transit conditions such as temperature, location, light, and humidity for up to 90 days of continuous operation. Ultra-low temperatures (down to -80C) can be monitored with optional and detachable temperature probes. To help ensure optimal connectivity across the globe, the trackers are equipped with two SIM cards, both of which can connect using multiple modes (Cat-M, NBIoT, or GSM).

The GO real-time 4G/5G global plus comes with additional battery capacity and the option to be configured with additional sensors for added benefit, such as CO2. With rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, the trackers can be retrieved and used again on multiple shipments. Oversight, Emerson’s cloud-based online software platform, enables trackers to be configured to notify users in real-time via text or email if any deviation of temperature sensitive conditions arise during shipment.

Visit emerson.com/cargo for more information.

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