Boulder Electric Vehicle, Coritech Services successfully test vehicle-to-grid charging

WASHINGTON, DC. Claiming the first successful test of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging, Boulder Electric Vehicle and Coritech Services are providing on-site demonstrations of the technology this week at the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo.

The demonstrations include Boulder EV’s 100% electric flatbed utility truck equipped with a Lithium 72 kWh battery pack and a Coritech 60kW DC fast charger system. Current demonstrations are seeing charger rates of 150 amps during charge or discharge on the 360V nominal battery pack, Boulder said.

“The ACT Expo is the perfect forum of industry leaders to introduce Boulder Electric Vehicle’s proven V2G solution with Coritech Services,” said Carter Brown, CEO Boulder Electric Vehicle. “We recognize the importance of V2G in turning EV's into energy storage for the grid. We now have a solution ready for immediate deployment that will allow 50 electric trucks to offer 3 megawatts of energy on tap.”

V2G allows electric vehicles to “sell” electricity back to utility grids while they are charging.

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