California launches ‘Gear Up for Clean Truck Month’

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is launching a multi-agency campaign throughout the month of August to make sure that trucks traversing the state’s highways are in compliance with state air pollution laws as part of its “Gear Up for Clean Truck Month.”

Working in conjunction with the California Highway Patrol and other allied agencies, CARB will deploy inspectors throughout the state, focusing on trade hubs, weigh stations, ports, rail yards, and major points of entry into the state.

Inspectors will be checking to ensure trucks abide by state measures aimed at cleaning up diesel vehicles including requirements to report fleet information to CARB, employing fuel-saving technology, installing diesel soot filters and replacing or upgrading aging engines and transport refrigeration units.

“Our goal this month is to do everything in our power to make sure truckers know the rules and that they understand how to comply,” said CARB Executive Officer James Goldstene. “All our diesel regulations were adopted with one thing in mind — protecting public health. Focusing on enforcement gives us the chance not only to educate drivers on why the regulations are important but also to ensure that truck owners investing in cleaner equipment are on a level playing field with those who are not playing by the rules.”

The campaign is also geared to provide advice and educational materials including information and fact sheets on how to follow regulations, maintain equipment properly, and grants and funding that may be available now and in the future to help purchase clean trucks and related equipment.

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